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The last straw

on February 23, 2009

Trying not to get injured before the tournament. But the new guy tried to rip my knee off. He knew nothing, but was strong and spastic, and tried to wrench my knee. Could have probably gotten out, if I’d really had to, but decided not to chance it. Sometimes I wish we did have more of a curriculum, at least for brand new guys, just so they could get an intro where they didn’t feel as if they had to prove themselves.

Goal: shrimping/not flat

Not sure how I did. Completely forgot about it.

My calves are sore from Saturday. A few of the guys said theirs are, too.

Small class, mostly white belts with two brand new guys. And new guys who think they’re tough, so the warmup was hideous, a little slice of Saturday. Jogging, etc., and then circled up where we were for push ups, sit ups, mountain climbs, etc. Then on the wall for drills, lots and lots of drills. Kept up until the last run of squat jumps.

Before class, some of us were talking about what we’d done on Saturday, and the guys who weren’t there were almost freaked out. Then after class, when we agreed that the warmup had been just like Saturday, only not nearly as long, those who hadn’t been there for Saturday said they have no idea how we survived it. That was rough… I nearly passed out during UFC from being so tired (and the fights weren’t terribly exciting, which didn’t help).

Two rounds of rolling. Scotty first. Good choice. He let me have some top game, and pointed out when I was letting off pressure as I passed his guard. Tried several attacks from the bottom, which is partially what let me get top a few times. He said it was a good roll.

Next round was the new guy. I’d done well against new guys the last few weeks, so no one separated us. Mistake. He was trying to hurt me, and I don’t think I’m being overly dramatic. I probably should have stood up and walked away. It was not good. I never want another roll like that. Ever. If I’m ever in another roll like that one, I really will walk away. It’s one thing when I can’t do anything and when I’m defending. It’s another when someone seems bent on trying to break or hurt something. I know, he probably has no clue that he was doing that, but he was doing it, and I’m not the one to explain it.

He caught my leg and was trying to rotate my knee completely around clockwise. Couldn’t do anything about it, and didn’t want to be injured, so verbally tapped loudly so there’d be no “Oh, I didn’t hear you.” Took a minute to check it, to make sure nothing had happened; seemed okay. No apology, no “are you okay?” from him, nothing. Real class act all around, this one. Should’ve walked at that point, but most guys ease back a bit once they realize that they’ve really hurt me, and I figured he’d be the same. Nope. Back to full-throttle limb ripping.

I’ve rolled before with guys who I haven’t wanted to roll with because they go hard, they don’t bother with technique, and they hurt me. And I put up with it and don’t say anything. But that’s the end of me rolling with uncontrolled no-clue newbies; I’d rather sit out than do that again. I know my guys like to see me work new guys over (and I like it, too), but I’d much rather be uninjured.

Shaking afterward, and close to breaking down. Zoned out through most of the drilling demonstration while my brain replayed parts of it. Not happy camper. At least drilling was review for me.

Drilling next. Pendulum sweep. Worked it straight from guard and from a failed scissor sweep. Worked with New Adam. (Side note: he’s 150-160 lbs. I am so horrible with guessing guys’ weight. In other words, everyone has 25 lbs+ on me. I thought I should be able to do a little bit more against some of them because I thought they were closer in weight, but they’re 160 lbs, minimum. — edit: apparently I’m also horrible with math. They all have 35 lbs on me. )

Rolling again. New Adam. Mostly defending; he’s getting a lot better. Under half guard a lot. Then Perry, and defending again, this time under side control.

Did find out after class that that guy got two rounds of guys being pointed at him. I saw bits of his very first round, before me, and he was trying to do the same thing there, too, to another white belt. I know he doesn’t know anything, but what’s with this “I’m new, so I’m gonna rip everyone’s limbs off” attitude? Obviously they’re new and haven’t done this before. Do they expect that we are going to try to rip them apart? Don’t they catch on that we’re not doing that?

After practice conditioning was the Mexican restaurant again. If I keep this up, I might not end up under 135!

My shorts came! They always seem to come on days when I have to run errands before class…. I’d had to exchange the size 5s for 7s since the shorts are being made smaller now. (Which is a switch from the usual vanity sizing of women’s clothing, i.e., making them bigger so bigger women can wear “smaller” sizes.)

Held both pairs up to my perfectly-fitting black pair. The blue ones, In the Navy, have the same waist measurement as my black ones, though the legs are longer and narrower. Tried them on, and they fit decently well. The red ones, World Traveler, are still a little smaller in the waist and leg than the other two. This pair’s tight, but should fit better after I lose these few pesky pounds.

So for now I’ll have one extra pair for rolling and one pair for incentive. 😉


2 responses to “The last straw

  1. grappledunk says:

    Sorry to hear about that newbie asshole. That was smart to tap and not get injured – not always easy, but smart!
    I try to watch a newbie roll with other people a few times before I’ll roll with him. If they’re spazzy, they go on the no roll list.

  2. leslie says:

    It wasn’t easy; I very much wanted to be able to turn it back on him. But decided in the end that it wasn’t worth getting my knee blown out — too many knee injuries going around right now. 😦

    I think as long as I avoid guys on their very first night, I’ll be okay. I can’t watch them roll since I’m going, too, but that will give the instructors a chance to watch and/or roll with them, and then they’ll decide whether to let the guy roll with me or not. They’ve pulled new guys away from me before.

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