I have a job!

I have a job! Well, almost — still waiting on the offer letter, etc., etc. — but I have a job! Same one I interviewed with 2 weeks ago. They called me today and offered it to me. Will probably start the first week of March.

I have a job!!

Goals: I have a — Oh, right, already said that. They called right before I had to leave (few errands and then class) and completely knocked me out of thinking about BJJ.

For a while there, it was looking like it was just going to be two of us. Then a few more showed; ended up with a medium-sized class.

Warmup was light and short. Felt faster without the gi. Cold, too, but also faster.

Then rolling. Buddy #2, the “every day is my first day” guy, and TKD Mike. Defending a lot on the first and last. Still felt flat and as if my hips were stuck to the ground. With Mike, stuck almost the entire round in his guard. Couldn’t break it.

Drilling was an armbar set up from knee-on-belly.

Had to work the with “it’s my first day” guy. Maybe it’s because he hasn’t been to jiu-jitsu in a long while, I dunno. We sat down; he said, “So what do I do?” I said I’d go first to show him; did it several times on both sides. His turn… “So what do I do now?” Waved Tim over to show him. They went through it until the guy had it, and I let him do it several more times on both sides. Then I went again. His turn… “So what do I do now?” Called Justin over this time. They went through it until the guy had it, and I let him do it several more times on both sides. Then I went again. His turn… “So what do I do now?” *headdesk* I wish I were kidding.

Rolling again. Justin first. Still flat, hips still stuck to the mat. Moving faster, but not always getting anywhere. And he caught that armbar! For reals. I know he probably won’t say anything, so I’m stuck speculating. Am I getting better? Or is it that I should be better than I am? … … I’m no good at this; I’ll have to see if I can get it out of him.

Then Brian. Again pointing out lots of stuff that I’m missing, such as, “You can try that armbar from here”; I’d just passed his half-guard, and he was on his side. I’m having a hard time seeing stuff when it’s not almost exactly like what we drilled. Then Will, and more defense. Still flat. (“Don’t be flat” was supposed to be my goal for tonight, since I’ve been flat all week, but I just now remembered it when I kept typing “flat”. Totally forgot over the I got a job! squealing.)

Skipping class tomorrow night — shocker! Had actually already decided that before the job call, but now I think I really need to take it and sort out (or rest from sorting out) everything I need to get in place right now.

Not going to the Arnold for sure, since that would be at least 1 day off my first week. Not so good.

So, I have a cluster of days where I’m pathetic, and then a little while where I’m not so bad — maybe almost good. And it’s so tempting on the up swings to say “Well, six days of training a week isn’t so bad, see? I’m doing okay,” even though deep down I really am tired and irritable and am still nearly done after the warmup. Nothing’s actually changed, but I feel for a little while as if I’m doing fine. … But it’s probably too much, even when it seems okay.

This week and next, I’m going to skip MMA. I have NAGA anyway, and I don’t want to get smacked around before then. So that’s one night of resting. And I’m going to take the week after NAGA — my first week of work — off as well, I think. That should let me get to bed earlier and get used to waking up — and being awake and possibly alert — earlier. (They sound like an “early to work” kind of place.) Also have to work out cooking food and packing lunch and snacks.

Then when I go back… I’d like to skip MMA. I really don’t want to fight; I go because Tim teaches it and because it makes my mom scream… but my stand-up stinks if I don’t work it, and my clinch is still non-existent, and it’s a great cardio workout…. *ponder* *ponder* *ponder* What if I do the kickboxing techniques class after BJJ on Wednesdays (no sparring; they finish warming up by 8, which is when we finish rolling), and, when Saturday morning sparring starts up again, get in for a few rounds? I do need to at least keep it all up somehow.

As for breaks in BJJ… Well, I may not be able to make open mat on Fridays anymore once I start working, so that’s one day out. And the only other option I see (*sadness*) is to skip Tuesdays, which is even painful to have to consider. I wonder if Tim would let me come in just to drill the technique? Force myself to sit out from rolling. That would leave me with gi on Monday, nogi on Wednesday, and gi on Saturday, which sounds like pathetically few classes to me — and yet is probably more than most people get. (And is still probably more than most of the guys come, too.)

Bleh, I dunno. I know I need to rest, but I don’t want to give any of it up!


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