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Massage, class, and thinking

on February 17, 2009

Massage. Wow. So nice. My brother entered me in a local drawing for a half-hour massage, and I was one of the winners. Went today to get it. Neck, shoulders, and back. The best, though, is the face pillow, that round pillow with a hole in the middle that you get to drop your face on while they work on your back. I want one; it’s so comfortable. When he finished, I was just sinking into the pillow and the table. Didn’t want to move…

Finally had to, though, and as I sat up I noticed how tight the rest of my body that he didn’t massage was. Will have to go back…

Goals: so relaxed from the massage that I forgot to think about them…

Small class tonight, all white belts except Justin and Adam. Warmup, actually did okay. It was short, though, which may explain that. And I’ve been thinking and reading about overtraining since Georgette first suggested it — and have concluded that I may be heading down that way (see below) — so I was cutting my body some slack since I may have run it into the ground… so of course it was responding better than usual. Pfft. Still out of breath, though, and tired, but not last on drills and made all runs.

Two rounds of rolling. Justin first. Me not moving so well. Not breathing so well, either. And he nearly choked me! — sunk in a choke and started to actually finish it, and then let go at the very last second. Did that last night, too, as a matter of fact. I’m trying to recall the last time, if ever, that Justin finished anything on me, and I can’t think of it; I don’t know that he ever has. Instead, he lets me work out. Wasn’t any working out of these two, though. … … Does this mean I’m getting better or worse? (Sure didn’t feel as if I was rolling well tonight; slow and stuck most of the time.) I should probably ask, but he’ll pretend like he has no idea what I’m talking about; he’ll say he just rolls with me like he does with everyone else. (Pffft. Does not.)

Then the side-control staller. And he stalled in side control again: pressure down, and blocking just enough that I couldn’t get out. At some point, I just completely relaxed because he wasn’t even attempting to do anything. Completely boring. (Side note: he says he takes private lessons at another school over an hour away — doesn’t bother Tim at all — and that he creams everyone over there. Do they tap to side control? Because I haven’t seen him do anything else…) He eventually went for the north/south kimura because I left that direction unblocked in hopes he would just move (and had been considering just moving under north/south; would rather defend everything than do nothing. No one gets better that way.). Turtled over it, a little scramble followed, and somehow I pulled guard. Ended there. As usual, afterward he tells me it was a great roll and that I’m doing well. Yep, about to chillax under side control, great.

Drilling: north/south kimura and armbar if you can’t finish the kimura. Drilled with New Adam.

Rolling again. First round. Actually was on top a fair bit since he kept pulling guard and I’d work on passing. Would either get all the way or most of the way around, and then he’d switch to butterfly or try to sweep me. Did pull off Old School once. New Adam next. He’s becoming much more active from top and bottom. On top quite a bit here, too. In top half guard once, and remembered the knee-switch pass. Nearly had a head-and-arm choke, which he said after he’d nearly tapped to, but he slipped his arm in at the last second. Still feeling slow in both rolls, though; felt as if my legs and hips were trailing behind the whole time.

Afterward, open mat. As usual, everyone just sat around and talked. New Adam and I talked a bit, starting by observing that each other has gotten better.

I’ve finally gotten around to rebuilding all my RSS subscriptions. I had an extensive list of BJJ, lifting, health/fitness, work, fun, writing, and other blogs on my old work computer, which of course I lost when I lost the job. Still have a ways to go on some of those (especially the writing and work categories) since I didn’t have them backed up anywhere and don’t remember a lot of them.

Been thinking about overtraining since Georgette gently suggested it. Read over Stephan Kesting‘s article a few times and, today, Mistress Krista‘s. And… yeah, I do seem to be heading that way. I don’t know about all the heart rate stuff, because I never remember to check mine consistently, and of course all my joints hurt because big or strong guys pull them every which way — but other than those, that sure sounds like me, doesn’t it? Especially all the tired, irritable, fatigue, and decreased performance indicators.

The point that really caught my attention was “Irritability and mood swings”. I’ve never been a crier, not since the 4th-grade boys made fun of me when I was in 3rd grade. I wasn’t going to be allowed to be their friend if I kept crying, and I needed friends then, so I quit crying. For good. I actually didn’t cry again until I was 24. Seriously. Anyway, that is long dealt with. (Still not given to crying, although a particularly tear-jerking movie did get me twice on Valentine’s Day.) Off the rambling and back to jiu-jitsu, I’ve nearly broken down in class a few times now and actually have broken down driving home or in the shower. So, something ain’t right.

Oh, and I found this summer that I actually gain or maintain weight when I’m training too much (inflammation with water retention, most likely), rather than lose, and right now I’m trending upward there, too, when the amount of exercise I do should send that number downward. And Figure 2 in Kesting’s article is exactly how I feel, as if every day I’m just a bit more behind.

I do also think part of the problem is with my eating; that is, that since I’m not eating as well, as much, or as often as I should, that this is contributing to the not-recovering-enough problem. Starting to work on this today (the pulled chicken BBQ turned out pretty good, actually), and I’ll try to keep up with cooking and having healthy “immediate” foods on hand.

There are probably more variables involved, but last summer, when I had to teach at TKD on Mondays and Wednesdays, I felt great in class on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. I was tearing up the warmup, going faster than some of the guys, and not gassing out in class. (On the other hand, by now, they’ve probably adapted, so I could theoretically be going the same pace as before while they’re going faster… but then again, I’m falling behind the new and unconditioned guys, so I think I bust my own theory.) I wasn’t tired during the day — I had extra energy, in fact, and had to go for 1-hr walks just so I could sit all afternoon at work — and I was nearly always in a good mood. I picked up techniques almost effortlessly.

Okay, great, might have identified the problem… but what can I do about it? I have NAGA in a week and a half, and a few more days to decide about the Arnold (leaning toward going; depends on who else is going). And how do I give up a class? I like rolling, and I really don’t want to give any second of it up. I’m not doing anything outside of class except walking on a treadmill for 30 minutes a day, and that’s hardly pushing me over the edge. Looks like I’ll have to get tough with myself. :/


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