Half and half

Saturday jiu-jitsu has increased in intensity and length, now with longer warmup and purposely lasting two hours (instead of us just continuing to roll for an extra hour just because we could).

I think I might have figured out part of my issues in warmups — I’m not sweating quickly enough, so I’m overheating and breathing harder to compensate, but it’s not helping much. I do alright until it all catches up to me, and then I’m just getting more tired more quickly. Pooh. Anyway… Decent though most of it, though a few fewer runs toward the end. Then 3 trips of gi drags; got Justin.

Then partnered up to work a takedown throw. Got dropped on my head a few times, and once on my head with partner landing on my face. Ouch. (I have a gi imprint under my right eye even now. Seriously.)

Then rolling. Started with Will. And could do nothing. Rats. Then Stephen, and more nothing. Meh. And yet, resigned to being the grappling dummy again.

Drilling next. A scissor sweep variation, in this case, because they post a leg up. Worked in with Dmitri, Will, and a new guy (who didn’t have a gi and was originally working with another pair).

More rolling. Brian first. He set me up for the move from class several times.

Then the new guy. Strong guy. He was trying to squeeze my head and hold for the entire round. Geez, that’s exciting. And painful, though bearable. Did somehow get out and to guard eventually and then somehow to his back. Remembered Justin’s tip on RNC from Wednesday — and the guy didn’t even try to defend — and sunk it in. (And as much as I wanted to sink it in, I also didn’t want to because I knew the rest of the round would be me trying not to die… and it was.) Reset, and he knocked me over and got mount, and then tried to drive his elbow through my throat. Yippee. I think he wanted me to tap. Painful, but again bearable. Rest of the round there; couldn’t get out.

Then a guy who’d been laying out the previous round (odd number), tired and worn out. Tim sent him in to roll with me, and of course he was back to 110% all of the sudden. Yeah… Sat out the last round; that odd number again.

After practice conditioning: Mexican restaurant.


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