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Grappling dummy…

on February 10, 2009

Someone’s got to be it for the night, I suppose. Is there any good way to practice having a 170-200-lb guy drop on your ribs? Cuz that’s where I seem to be having the most trouble right now. I can’t handle that, and so I’ll lose a little bit in defense and they’ll have me.

Warmup was okay. Circling up for pushups, mountain climbers, and dive-bomber pushups; was having a hard time there. Then triangle sit-ups and neck work. Partnered up and drilled 10 armbars/side from guard.

Rolled twice. Started with Clifton, who I’d drilled with. Then with Micah. I think I recomposed guard a few times, and that was it. Not tired, just unable to do anything. Then we drilled 10 bump sweeps/side, though I worked with Will and a new guy so we had 5/side.

Drilling was the elbow-over clock choke first and then an escape from clock choke. Drilled for a long while.

Few more rolls. Will first, as we’d just been drilling. Then Brandon. Don’t recall even getting back to guard on either. These two rounds were most of the rib-crushing. They didn’t even hit the spot that’s bruised or whatever; just straight down dropping their weight. Got the wind knocked out of me once with Brandon, but kept rolling.


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