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Fumes and Willpower

on February 7, 2009

Running on fumes and willpower today. Ate the same breakfast I normally do on Saturdays. Got the same sleep last night. Felt fine and normal before class, but not too long in and my legs were on fire. Fell once — and nearly more — on alligators; only got one run on those. Couldn’t get my legs to even move for squat jumps. Both trips on shoot and sprawl, though so slow. (Somewhere in the warmup, heard Tim say to one of the guys, “I don’t care if you slow down, just don’t quit on me.” So I was determined not to quit either.) Three of four on crab walks. One of two on bear crawl down/squat jump back. Circled up for more drills, and then partnered up for gi drags. Got Justin. He went first, so I got a short break, and then dragged him; five trips down the mat. Finished and just stood there. Couldn’t walk. Finally did. Legs hurt.

Two rounds of rolling next. I’ve had the guys sit down in front of me after the warmup and say, “Wow, I’m so tired,” and then go 110%. I sat down, said, “Tired” (all I could get out), and nearly fell over. Trying to move and defend, and wow, had nothing. Could tell my body what to do, but it just nodded and stayed where it was.

Goal, as usual, was supposed to be feeling my opponent. That turned in to “Don’t pass out, please.” After getting tired, got lightheaded, and that was really bad when we were drilling because we had to stand up. The room would start spinning and/or would turn pixelated. Eyes would close involuntarily while rolling, though comfortingly enough I could tell where they were and where they were going. A little bit of zoning in and out, too. Not cool.

First roll with Jesse. He has about 100 lbs on me, but when I have energy, I can at least usually keep up with him. Nothing doing today. I could see the sequences unfolding and I knew what was coming, but I could do nothing to hinder him at all. Second roll with Will. Again, could see it and couldn’t do anything about it. Trying to work anyway, but nothing did anything.

Drilled next. Two guard breaks. Drilled with Jesse on the first one. Every time I stood up, I’d get lightheaded again and would have to pause and breathe and wait for my head to clear. And apparently I’ve bruised my ribs on the right again; every time Jesse came down on that side, it hurt so much in one spot. On the second one, I was too short for Jesse to really work with, so he went over to work in with two bigger guys and I worked in with Clifton and Dmitri. Only tried it a few times, though, because standing was again messing with my equilibrium.

Rolling again. Still bleh. Had to roll with Smokey (he smokes at 1 pack of cigarettes a day, blech) first. Again couldn’t do anything. Could see it all, but couldn’t do anything about anything. (Although, all the other guys were tapping me out left and right, and this guy couldn’t. I wasn’t trying any harder with him; I couldn’t.) Then Dmitri and Brian; still pathetic on the energy level. Brian would point out sweeps and where to position myself, and I’d push or pull or try to move my hips, and nothing happened. Finished and just laid down. Goodness. In terms of total energy expended in a practice, that was pathetic — but in terms of percentage of total available, that was everything I had.

Short moments of frustration because I could do nothing, but then I remembered that I had no energy whatsoever and was operating on willpower. Well, duh — what d’ya expect?

Talking to some of the guys after class, that was a hard warmup on them, too. A few said they’d nearly thrown up.

Thankfully, “after practice conditioning” for today was to hit the Mexican restaurant next door. I’d downed 3 glasses of sweet tea before our food came, and that place serves you fast. Might have to start taking watered-down Gatorade to drink during class; passing out is not fun.

I forgot all about it on Tuesday because of so much else, but that was 10 months of BJJ for me. Still here, and not going anywhere.


4 responses to “Fumes and Willpower

  1. This serious bone-deep fatigue could be a sign you need to take a couple days off– really off, like sleeping 9-10 hours, no workouts at all (maybe light walking if you absolutely must) and healthy food intake 5-6 times a day. You’re not like me, you have fewer if any fat reserves, and muscles that don’t fully recover never get the positive effects of the train-taper-overcompensate cycle. Read this article:

    I am no know-it-all so please forgive me for sticking in my $.02. I could easily be wrong! 🙂

  2. Patrick says:

    I hate those hard warm ups too. But they really payoff when one day you’re rolling with someone who’d normally overpower you and then they gas out. And suddenly you’ve got a new grappling dummy!

    Congrats on the 10 month mark!

  3. […] belts and promotions aside, I’m quite found of this simple statement by Leslie over at BJJ Grrl: I forgot all about it on Tuesday because of so much else, but that was 10 months of BJJ for me. […]

  4. leslie says:

    @Georgette: I appreciate the concern. I’m at the academy 6 days a week now and working hard every day, so overtraining is quite possible. I know I do better on more recovery than I’m getting, but I just can’t drag myself away when the mat is open. 🙂

    I did take today as a personal spa day — sleeping in, a long slow walk (in the high 60s and beautiful), a bath, and additional pampering — and tonight I’m taking off from class to go to dinner with a friend. (One serious advantage to not having to work!) So I’m getting a bit of a break.

    @Patrick: I admit, I like when tough warm ups whip the guys, too; otherwise I’d just feel wimpy. 😉 And I already do see that I have more gas than a lot of the guys who don’t train as much, although they can still usually sit on me when they’re tired. I’m working on fixing that, though…

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