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Open Mat

on February 6, 2009

Tonight was the first BJJ open mat. We rolled nogi tonight. Only me and two other guys — and Adam — came. One has been unable to come to class for about 4 months, and the other hasn’t been in in over a year (so today was the first time I met him), and neither of them can really come throughout the week. Both are blue belts.

I rolled with the first for 10 minutes or more. Got submitted a whole bunch, but overall felt like I was rolling okay. Tried to figure out where I’d messed up every time. Most times it was my elbows getting away from me. Mark said after that I’ve gotten a lot better than the last time he rolled with me.

Then rolled with the other for a while. More of the same: getting caught making mistakes — which is good, actually, as it highlights my mistakes. (Too often, I can’t find my mistake among all the muscling. And if I can’t figure out what I did wrong, then I can’t fix it.)

Oh, oh! And I managed a few sweeps with both that landed me on top! Lost it quick, but did get there.

They both joked that I wore them out, and then they rolled together for a bit. Sat out with Adam; he said I’d done well and pointed out that they were both gassing while I was still ready to roll. Good point.

We’d gotten started late, so it was already time for the next class to take the mat. We slid off to a (newly-laid) side mat, and Adam showed us a sequence of D’Arce, no-arm D’Arce, and another choke (I missed the name), which we drilled for a little bit. Me trying the D’Arce is funny because my arms aren’t long enough to get around the guys’ shoulders and head — at least, not if I do it the same way the guys were doing it. Adam pointed out that on techniques like that, I need to overdo the move to catch it. Really concentrated on that a few times, and it made it a lot easier to get the D’Arce all the way sunk.

Hopefully more guys will start putting the Friday night open mat on their schedule so we can get started earlier and no one will have to sit.


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