Where’d everybody go?

Small class again tonight. Only two college guys. Maybe they all have their first tests?

On the heavy bags to warm up. One round hitting them, then one round of sit-up/elbows. Next a round of bag hangs. And guess what? It’s so much easier to hang on a bag when you can get your arms and legs completely around!! Picked one in the middle this time, and it was smaller than the one I’d used last week, and I could actually get my arms and legs locked up. Huge difference — made it the whole time, and could’ve stayed on longer. That bag is mine now for bag hangs. End of the round, we were supposed to pull ourselves around the bag with one pull. Right. Sure. I tried and moved a few inches… and then slid down the bag. Doh. Well, at least I have something to work on now that I’ve figured out how to make bag hangs work. Then we repeated the sequence — combinations, then sit-up/elbows, then bag hangs. Moving around the bags again; me sliding off again.

On the mat for the exercise ball sprawl drill we did last week. But last week we used the 8-lbs balls; tonight we used the 10-lbs ones. Ugh. Got the guy who’s always on his first night. We were doing alright and getting in a groove, and then he zoned out and forgot to come up again after a sprawl, but I’d already thrown the ball and nearly hit his head.

Partnered up for a large part of class to do light sparring. Wow, just a few weeks of not sparring, and I’m slow, flat-footed, and not moving my head again. All the bad habits I’d been correcting came back. I could see them, and I knew I was doing it wrong, but I couldn’t seem to make it work right. Pleh. Sparring’s something I can’t really take a break in, else I lose it fast. Always noticed that in TKD, too. But if I keep at it, I do get better. The year before my black belt test, I sparred a lot, since it’s a significant part of the test, and I got a whole, whole lot better — possibly even good. But I dislocated my elbow that summer and didn’t spar again for a long time after that.

Worked with Justin in one of those rounds, and he tried to kick me in the head!

Also worked with the guy on his first night (again), and he wouldn’t hit me. At. All. Air punches the whole time. Slooooow kicks that barely tapped. I mean, we’re going light contact, but that’s less than light. And if I went after him, he’d just back up until he was against the wall and wouldn’t move. Look, man, I know my sparring’s rusty right now so you might think of taking it easy on me, but it ain’t that bad. Work! I tried hitting him harder so he’d hit back, but he wouldn’t. More frustrated with him not working than anything the whole night. Actually had to work with him for a second round, too, which went exactly like the first. Dude, I’d rather get hit in the face than put up with this…

Then did a few MMA rounds (clinch, takedowns, ground ‘n’ pound) in the ring. Usually while one pair is in the ring, the rest of us are working on the mat, but tonight we were just supposed to watch. Did almost want the first-night guy so I could really hit him, but instead got in the last round with Adam, and I saw even more how my sparring has deteriorated. Rats. Might have to start going back to kickboxing class. (It was getting better when I was doing that Fridays & Saturdays. It’s not hitting pads that I need; it’s getting hit back that I need — even though I don’t much like it.)


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