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Revenge of the toe

on February 4, 2009

My left little toe, the one I dislocated over the summer, popped out again tonight during the warmup. I think it got caught and twisted funny doing the alligators, but it was out and not wanting to go back in. Had to sit out the rest of the warmup and the first two rolls to work on it. It finally went back in, I think, and I was able to drill and even to roll at the end.

Small class tonight, nothing like last week’s record-breaker. The new guys from the school that just closed still need to realize that this isn’t their old school and we do things differently. For one, you don’t talk back to the instructors, especially not to Tim. Not only do we get more reps in the warmup or extra work after class, but he’ll also point the purples and blues at them in rolling.

Two rounds of rolling after warmups, and I was still sitting out.

Then drilling. From the clinch. Odd number. Again. Worked in with Will and Clifton.

(Tangent: that reminded me, once again I’m terrible at guessing guys’ weight. I’ve been thinking Will and Clifton weighed less than Justin; I was pegging them both at ~140lbs. Nope, they’re both ~160lbs. Off by just a bit… And Justin’s up to ~155lbs now. So that leaves new Adam as the closest in weight. Maybe he’s 140? Anyway, what that means is that one of the points I’ve been annoyed with myself on is that I thought Will and Clifton only had about 15lbs on me and so I thought I should be able to match up with them better and would get frustrated when I’d get crushed. But it turns out they have 35lbs on me, which would explain why they feel heavier than I thought they should. Anyway, am silly grrl…)

Rolling again, and my toe seemed to be back in place so I went. Started with Will. Not preventing side control near as well as I wanted to. Had a little bit of top work to start since he pulled guard, but he swept me after not too long and it was back to side control and mount defense for me. Anticipating submissions, though, and turning in time to prevent them. Even got to turtle once when he was hunting for the armbar from mount. Tried to use the switch to get back on top, but was stopped. Round ended with him trying to take my back and me bent forward with my feet out front and my face on the mat. Didn’t do it on purpose, but being flexible sure does help sometimes.

Next round with a guy who comes on and off. I don’t even know his name; he doesn’t talk to anyone. Muscler. Still spent most of the round under side control or mount, but defense was working pretty good. Again with feeling and anticipating the direction he was going and the submission he was trying; moving away from them pretty good. Even had a good half guard at one point, which took him a while even to muscle out of. (Secret: had hooked back around under his shin with one leg, and so had good control of his leg.) At one point, he was trying a submission, but I don’t know what — to anyone watching, it probably looked like I had him in a crucifix, but he was the one pushing it. He was trying to pull my head across to my knee, I think; not fun. Somehow slipped his head control, though, and ended on his back. Trying for the RNC or waiting for the armbar, but couldn’t get either and didn’t see anything else. He was going between turtle and flat trying to get me off; I had my hooks at points and a body triangle otherwise but really couldn’t get any decent control. He finally slung me off.

Last round with another guy. Started in his guard, and worked every guard break I know, but nothing did much good. He eventually swept me, and I was once again under side control and mount. And once again, feeling where he was and where he was going to and trying to countermove. Did get to top half-guard at one point (had caught it on the bottom, but he decided to sweep himself over for me), but couldn’t get any pass as he just locked his arms around me and held me down. Finally swept myself over for him so we could move on.


I’m signed up. Have my confirmation email and everything. Sounds as if a bunch of us will be going.

Shorts Update

It’s not my imagination — I measured my new shorts today, and they really are smaller than my black ones. The red pair is a whole inch smaller in the waist! And both are an inch narrower in the legs. I would have given allowance to the black ones stretching out, since I’ve had them for ~6 months, and for me gaining weight back (still ~5 lbs up) except all my size 4 clothes still fit, and I’ve only gotten in those in the last few months.


That’s all three pairs — black on the bottom (my old pair), then blue, then red. They’re lined up on the left side of the picture along the leg and also along the waist, and you can see the difference in waist width and leg width.

So I emailed Amanda at FighterGirls about my shorts to ask if perhaps it was just these 2 pairs being weird or if all the shorts are being made a little smaller. (In other words, do I exchange these for two correctly-sized 5s or go up a size?) She said other people have commented about them seeming smaller, too. So I’m sending them back and probably getting the 7s, though she’s going to compare my shorts to the other shorts in stock and see if it’s just mine or all of them (and if it’s just mine, send me the right 5s).


I had my interview this morning. (Yay, no last minute rescheduling!) And I think it went pretty well. The job description — and the company’s mission, even — is rather nebulous: I would be a problem-solver. Whatever the problem is, solve it. And produce gobs of documentation on the process and the solution.

There was even a hands-on test during the interview: they gave me a laptop with their website pulled up and a Word doc, and they asked me to reverse-engineer the requirements document that would have been needed to create the website. Oh, and they only gave me 20 minutes. (Thankfully, they did leave the room to let me work.) They called it the “impossible task.” Made some notes, then started typing an outline, using the basic Word style sheet for headings. Text was lacking, as I really couldn’t think of what to say, but I do have some experience building webpages and websites, so I had an idea of the sorts of delineations that might be made in a requirements doc. I’m not so good with reading body language and other non-verbals (too many years as a library nerd), but they said I’d done a good job.

Anyway, they said they’ve got a few other people they’ve interviewed for this, and that they need to make a decision within a week. I got the impression that I’m on the short list (but again, not so great with the non-verbals). So, we’ll see.

It does sound fun and challenging and never boring — and never the same, either. The more I thought about what they’d told me during the day, the more I think I could do it. (If I can leverage over a guy who weighs 100lbs more than me when he doesn’t want to move, I can do anything!) Wish my brain could’ve connected on that earlier and brought up relevant experiences during the interview. Wondering if I came across as interested enough. I am, I just didn’t really know it until later. Doh.

Oh, oh, oh, I forgot to add!! We’re starting open mat on Fridays from 5-6 pm (yes, during the kickboxing class I’m supposed to be in… doh). And Tim’s tossing around the idea of morning classes. Wohoo! (Although, he would start morning classes right when I might get a job… =P


One response to “Revenge of the toe

  1. Please tell me what you find out from Amanda about the shorts! I hate thinking I might need 9s but ultimately better than looking like 10 lbs of girl in a 5 lb bag.

    Good luck with NAGA and with the job!!!!

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