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It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood…

on February 3, 2009

Woke up to snow, just enough to be pretty but not enough to cancel everything. Called the employment commission and figured out what was going on with my benefits (very strongly dislike talking on the phone with people I don’t know, but did it and got through it and very proud of myself). Did research on the company I’m interviewing with tomorrow; sounds like a good place.

Then went shoe shopping for shoes for tomorrow; been putting it off. Found a pair I have in brown in black, which is fabulous because they’re good shoes; nice roomy toes, which I need now that both my pinky toes point off a bit. … And found four more pairs of shoes that were also nice. 😉 I’ve heard about how shoe shopping is supposed to make any girl happy, but I’d never fully experienced it until today.

Class went well, too. And then I got home, and my shorts had come while I was out. Whoot! I’ve been rolling nogi in the same pair of shorts since the summer. The company, Debi Purcell’s Fighter Girls, recently came out with more shorts that I liked. And they’re here just in time for nogi class tomorrow. Check ’em out:


The black ones are my old pair. The red are turned over so you can see the back. I wear a size 4 in clothes; these are all size 5 (they’re junior sizes). They sit low on my hips, which took some getting used to since I don’t like low-rise pants. But, they stay on and they stretch every which way — and the guys like ’em and can’t have ’em. 🙂

(Although, I just tried them on, and for some reason the new ones are smaller than the old pair — narrower in the waist and legs. Blue is a little tight. Red is even tighter, and probably a bit too tight to roll in. But they’re all supposed to be the same size, cut, and fabric. The next size up will drown me. [I know, I’ve tried.] … Meh. Does polyester stretch?… Shoe shopping is much easier than clothes shopping. Oh, well. I guess that’ll just be more motivation to lose a bit more weight back there.)

Started repeating “All jiu-jitsu should be based on how you feel your opponent” as I was driving from the shoe store to class. Not much focusing on goals before class. (But they’re great shoes!)

Medium class, mostly white belts. Three of the new guys from the past week, and one brand new. Two of them are from another martial arts school in town, although we heard today that that school is closing, which is why the students are filtering in to our classes. (Saw two new kids in the TKD class, too.)

Again, new guys: this ain’t your old school. We don’t do it that way. Stop making extra work for the rest of us by arguing. Sheesh!

Warmup: okay. Even got both rounds of squat jumps, though I was slow. We circled up for some more, and those were getting me. Pushups, pleh. And mountain climbers.

Two rounds of rolling. Buddy #2 first. So, um, yeah, focusing on what I want to do before class really helps. Should do it more. Was thinking a bit slow the whole time, half a step behind. Not a terrible I don’t know what I’m doing round, but a Aw, c’mon, you can do better than that! round. Just… meh. Tried to re-center on “feel your opponent”; got a bit better, but not great. Sat out the second round because we had an odd number.

Drilling next.

Rolling again. Started with one of the transfers. He was going full-out muscle. Even brand spanking new guys who know nothing are hard for me because they’re just so much stronger, and this guy has been training about 5 years, on and off, and the last 3 months intensively. And I kept up. And got out. And pulled guard. And kept thinking, “Whoa, who is this rolling?” Little offense of my own — though I did keep ending in spider guard trying to sweep, but he’d break me down — but overall I was almost impressed with myself.

The other girl next. Trying to push my knee again to break my guard, though she was anticipating the triangle; also trying to break my guard by digging both elbows in to my thighs. (Neither worked, and I showed her the basic guard break after class.) Forgot that I was wearing a gi because she wasn’t, so didn’t even think of trying any gi chokes. Did attempt to pass from guard to her back at one point; didn’t quite make it, but she turned the wrong way trying to escape and landed right in my back mount. Caught the RNC (yeah, it’s all I remember to do from there, too). Later, got a spider-guard-ish sweep and ended in knee-on-belly. Caught her far arm and tried a sloppy spinning armbar; caught it, though she got her hands locked. Worked through the techniques I know for breaking that grip; finally got it but relaxed my legs (and didn’t have one over her head; both were over her body — sloppy), and she bridged in to me and got some space. I kept turning over and finally straightened it out — balanced on my head, too, to finish, which is something I don’t usually try!

The brand new guy was rolling with Big Jon next to us. As I was working for that armbar, John had the guy flattened and was working a choke. I hear the guy gagging, and then see Jon gently turning him over and lifting his legs. Oops, someone forgot to tap.

Talked to Nick after class, and I’m heading next to register for the NAGA in Richmond. Gi and nogi, women’s white belt, under 135, here I come!


2 responses to “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood…

  1. Shoe shopping– fun! New shorts being small, not fun!! Especially since I just ordered some new ones from FighterGirls too… the violet leopard ones and the zebra ones. And I’m not a size 5… more like between a 5 and a 7. I hope the 7’s fit ok.

  2. leslie says:

    I measured my new shorts today and they really are smaller. So I emailed Amanda at FighterGirls today (more info in today’s post), and she said other people have been commenting about them being a bit smaller. They’re good about exchanges, though.

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