• feeling my opponent

Medium-sized bunch tonight with two new guys. (I was going to ask what’s up with all the new guys all of a sudden, but then I remembered that university classes started back up just a few weeks ago, so everyone’s starting new things.) Just a note to new guys: please stop telling Tim that you did it a different way at your school. It means more laps/trips/reps for me, and I no likey it. And this ain’t your old school. Anyway…

Felt a little weird before class; not even sure how I was feeling, if I was lightheaded or nauseated or what. Toward the end of the warmup, really feeling it. Couldn’t even try the squat jumps. Might not have eaten enough today, or might have eaten too much too close to practice. Not sure. Either way, feeling icky.

Two rounds of rolling next. An odd number; I sat out since I wasn’t feeling well. Then rolled with Big Jon, the wrestler. First time I’ve rolled with him. He goes hard with the bigger and higher-ranked guys and can really manhandle them, so I was a little cautious going in. But he brought it down more to my level and didn’t bang me around at all. He was amazingly fast, though.

Then drilling. First, a guard sweep, for when someone has broken your guard and brought their knee up. Second, a crucifix sweep. Worked in with Will and Clifton. Still feeling not so good, so just taking it slow. Need to work on my forward rolls from my knees; I get right to the point of doing them and then half freak out and can’t finish. Dunno what my problem is.

More rolling. Started with Will. I think I was moving better and sooner, trying to anticipate what he was looking for based on how his weight felt. Although, still not moving away from an oncoming side control, and so still getting stuck under there. He kept hitting the half-guard pass from Saturday. I did get the bump sweep counter from a month ago, though he pulled his arm out after I caught half guard.

Second round with TKD Mike. (It’s funny, he had the “TKD” nickname even when he was the only Mike.) Still not moving away from side control. Working again on just feeling where he was and where he wasn’t. A few times, felt that he was mostly off-balance and tried to move him, but he’d base out. He caught my back several times. Felt like he was trying a RNC, which is all most of the guys do when they get your back, but he kept pulling backwards, which was actually alleviating the pressure right before I would’ve tapped; afterward, though, he said it was a gi choke, but that I had my hands in and he couldn’t quite get it.

Second round with a guy on his first night in a gi; he said rolling was so different because he couldn’t just slide out because of the friction and because everyone had a big grip on him. Me not moving away from side control again, but still I think I was moving better and sooner on most everything else. Feeling: finding where his balance was off and trying to take him that way.

Last round with Brian. He showed me a few things when I needed some help: escaping knee-on-belly and a spider guard sweep (one foot in bicep, other foot on hip — easier for short people going against tall people;). Did work recomposing guard from butterfly when he’d pinch me in.

All rounds were mostly me on my back and side. I probably need to start working to get to the top more, but only a couple of the guys will give me a chance at it; the rest get more muscley if I start to get up and pin me down harder. It’s not that I mind working from my back and side to fend off submissions and to work escapes; it’s just that now when I get the chance to get the top on someone like Justin, I don’t go for it because I’m conditioned to not being able to. (And if I do get to the top, I hardly remember what to do.) … … Eh, not yet; I still have too much else to work on.

Some of the guys went climbing after, but I was still feeling somewhat icky, so I went on home.

NAGA in Richmond, end of this month. I still need to sign up, but it looks like a bunch of us will be going up there. I think some are going up to the Arnold next month, too. I might go to that, too, though I’m still undecided.

I have an interview on Wednesday! Different company. Tomorrow is company research day. They do something… software-y, I think. It’s in the same research park I used to work in, so the drive’s not bad. And again, it’s a company that had no jobs for me posted, but to which I sent my resume anyway.


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