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Get a grip

on January 28, 2009

On the wall, that is. (Attitude & head seem to be reasonably in hand.) Went climbing after class. My hands are rubbed raw. On the orange route, I got closer to the corner but couldn’t quite get to the next two grips. Couldn’t do the cross-grip I was thinking of. Hmm, maybe if I slide my right foot up and hug the corner more? but then I might get stuck facing back the wrong way…


  • do what you know

Leaving it there for a bit longer.

Biggest. Class. Ever. Twenty-six (Perry said there are just over 30 signed up for BJJ). Wow. When we ran the warmup laps, it was one continuous, close-packed circle. Warmup was actually easier because we had to wait for room. Although, we did do sideways bear crawls. Ow. And how many bears crawl sideways, anyway?

Then to drilling. Old School and Plan B. Drilled with the other girl.

Then rolling. First with the other girl. She went to break my guard by reaching back for my knee again, so I grabbed the triangle. Could’ve (and should’ve) gone for more submissions — or positions, at least. And I was even thinking that, but did nothing except move between guard and half guard. Psst, hey, brain, we’re rolling now, so could you start working again? I want to let her work, though she doesn’t know much yet, and yet I need to get some work, too, and she’s one of the few I can work on… Pfft. Did try for both the Old School and Plan B, but since she knew which way I was going, she was heading me off.

Then with Ez, who used to train with the team but moved further away. (He might be a purple belt? I can’t remember.) He finally decided to try the drive tonight, and now thinks he can do it at least once a week. He’s the same size as Justin, and he rolls a whole lot like him, too, even tossing out the little helpful hints like Justin does. When he got me under mount, he reminded me of pushing on his hips and explosively shrimping out. It’s something I know but never get to do because everyone else immediately tries to rip my arms off and/or I can hardly move under them, and so I forget it as a possibility. He said afterward that, being small, we have to be faster. So, I’ll working that in with everything else I’m working on.

Last roll with Clifton. Tried the hip explosion when he got to mount, and nearly lost an arm. Hmm. (Elbows in more? Probably.) Don’t remember much, though I should since it was last.

Open mat after, and the first guy who wanted to roll is one who really rips my arms, so I declined. But then that meant everyone else thought I didn’t want to roll, either. (No, I just like my arms attached, thanks.) Meh.

Then to climbing. My left arm held out, though it did get very tense a few times, which seems to be a prelude to the numb forearm. Stayed fairly low, though, just in case.


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