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Up again

on January 27, 2009

Down one day, up the next. True, I’ve been working on getting my head straight, which may help the upswing, but still. Silly grrl.


  • do what you know

Making it as simple as possible. Where ever you are, remember what you know, and do it. Outcome isn’t as important as doing it.

Not as large as last night, but still a big class. And all four of our purple belts! Warmup, three trips on everything (usually two); that third was getting to me. Only made one on squat jumps, meh. Circled up for a bit more.

Then Tim sent the four purples and the two blues (I think we have 8 blues total now?) out on the mat, and we did king-of-the-mat guard passing. If you passed, you stayed out; if they swept you over, they stayed. I figured Tim wanted standing guard passes, so I started trying those, and then he hollered out that we were to be doing standing guard passes. Never did pass, though. Need to keep the second foot back more; they were underhooking and sweeping me down a lot. We had just slightly more people waiting than on the mats, and the guys were doing a good job sweeping everyone quickly, so there wasn’t much rest for anyone.

Then we drilled just doing the standing up part of standing guard passes. I worked with a brand new guy (though he has about the same experience time as I do — although he qualified that statement with “in jiu-jitsu”, so I’m curious about what else he’s done), and he didn’t have a gi, so I couldn’t get the grip to pull him up all the way. And he’d strained a muscle in his leg during the warmups, so he couldn’t hold on to me, either. I did make sure to work the position and movement, though. He could lift me somewhat on his turn.

Rolled next with the partner we’d just worked with. Hurray, a new guy whose first roll is mostly technique! My elbows weren’t hanging in as tight as they should’ve been, and he caught a triangle on each side. Then started keeping my elbows in. Even ended on top at some point going for the north/south kimura, though he got away with some straightening the arm/twisting/I have no clue. (Think I needed to be down tighter on that arm and have my grip more secure. Maybe.)

Also in this roll and the rest of the night, tried to work on something Justin was talking about after class the other night. He said that sometimes you get in a position and you really have nothing you can do except wait for the other person to move and/or make a mistake. So, worked on getting to my defensive position and actively waiting for space to move.

Then we drilled the first standing guard pass from Saturday. Drilled with the same guy again, and he’s much taller than me; when he’d stand to pass, I was nearly on my head! Probably should’ve switched with someone, but oh well.

Rolling again. (I could’ve sworn we had three rolls, but I only remember two…) New Adam first. (He needs a new nickname; he isn’t so new anymore…) He’s becoming more strength-inclined, I think because he’s one of the smallest guys and is getting steamrolled just like me. His technique and overall rolling have improved, too, though. But I was doing okay, I think. Moving, even ended on top a few times. Caught in top half-guard once and could only think of one pass, and it wasn’t working. Tim called in from the side about the hip-switching one; remembered and hit it. Could only think of a few submissions, but couldn’t get close to any of them.

Next roll with one of my TKD students who came tonight. His first night, so I was just trying to roll easy and let him get used to being on the ground and work what he knows (which is only that one guard pass). He was trying to pass instead by digging his elbows in just above my knee, which hurts but not quite enough to open my guard (although, I haven’t had anyone try that recently, so my legs are back to being sensitive to that pressure; I could have held out, but at some point I’d break it myself and move because it was hurting more than I liked. I have a big bruise there now. Meh.). I kept trying to snag that triangle, but couldn’t quite get it. He was turning over too much to get at that leg, too, and so was opening his back. Managed to pass to the back at one point and waited for the opening for the RNC.

I’m noticing that I’m rambling a lot and parenthetically rambling even more. Must be more tired than I thought I was… Go sleepy now.


2 responses to “Up again

  1. Patrick says:

    Good to read you’re “up again.”

    And I like how you’ve summed up your goal. Nice. I’m inspired.

  2. leslie says:

    Thanks, Patrick. Here’s to hoping I can keep my mental game “up.”

    As for the goal, well, obviously I can’t do what I don’t know, and I only can do what I know. And part of what I beat myself up over is probably things I can’t do. If nothing else, I can think of it as live drilling and just practice.

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