The small stuff

After class tonight, while we were eating, one of the guys got a text message alert saying that a student had been stabbed to death on campus at Virginia Tech. Most of our guys are students there; the rest of us have graduated from there or worked there or have family there or know someone there; Tech’s a huge part of the community. And a murder — my angst over getting armbarred or muscled around or my melancholy over not having a job is so insignificant, and yet all too often I act as if my world is ending. But it’s all just small stuff; there are worse things than having a bad night in class.


  • feet as hands
  • don’t wait for side control

Not enough with the feet. Going nogi after so many days in gi, I should feel faster, but I just feel awkward (and underdressed!!). There’s not enough to grab — not that I grab so well anyway — and not enough traction. Don’t know that I was really much in a position to use my feet, either.

Decent again not waiting for side control and/or fighting out of it immediately. My brain flashes a quick “No side control” message when it sees it coming, which is often before I consciously realize it, so I’m working to get out.

Medium class. Warmup, actually good, though it didn’t seem as if we did as much as usual. At the end, there was a partner lift drill (lift 5x, lift and run down, repeat back), but we had an odd number so I had to sit out.

Straight to technique. Hitchhiker escape from armbar. (Maybe that’s what I did with Will last night — I have seen/done it before — but if I did, I did it without thinking or even realizing what it was.)

Drilled for a while, then rolled. Started with TKD Mike. He seemed as lost without the gi now as I was. We both seemed slow and just working on feeling nogi out again.

Then rolled with Justin, and I must have been doing something right: he was making me keep up most of the time. When I messed up a few times, he’d catch the mistake, look at me as if to say, “You know what you just did wrong, right?”, and then let me work out of it. Even got a few “Nice” and “Using my moves on me?!”, both more stars in the I must be doing something right category.

Last round with Scott. He pointed out that I was butt-scooting in to attack, which he said wasn’t very aggressive, so he worked on getting me to come up and really go forward. Not that it did much good, as he slid right in to butterfly and I couldn’t pass, but I’ll keep working on that.

In job search news: was contacted by a former colleague today who was also let go at the same time I was. (He didn’t realize I’d been let go, too.) He’s a patent agent, and he’s already found a new job; he offered to help me out if I want to be a patent lawyer. (I nearly did go to work for the USPTO out of college, but it’s in NOVA/DC, and I don’t like it up there; too crowded.) He said it’s basically just technical writing. Need to do a little more research, but we’ll see….


2 thoughts on “The small stuff

  1. HEY! My husband (an electrical/computer engineer) is considering a career change towards patent agent/patent lawyer. Can you shoot me your email or your friend’s (I won’t publish your comment) so that he can ask some questions? All my lawyer friends are anything-but-patent and I’d love to give him some network to query.


  2. Sure thing. I spent today looking at info on being a patent agent so I can ask him some decent questions myself. It might be worth taking the patent bar even if I still take a job in technical writing.

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