A little consistency would be nice :/

Tuesdays have been up or down. Today, thankfully, was up. Just when I think I’m losing my mind, it comes back for a visit…

I like doing more gi, but I’ve got gi burns everywhere: top joint of all my fingers, my wrists, my ears! Poor ear. It might even be a touch of cauliflower (eck!), but it’s so red and irritated I can’t tell. I even have one under my chin from some zealous chokes.


  • Use feet as hands
  • Don’t wait for side control

One of the tips Tim was giving for the sweep last night, as far as getting in position, was to use your feet as hands. Seemed like a good idea to continue with, and I know it’s something I don’t do nearly enough. I think I did really well with that all night. Climbing is helping with this as well, since you’re supposed to do most of the work with your legs and you have to really feel the holds with your toes.

Not so much moving faster but moving sooner for the second. I’ve already noticed that I generally know where someone’s heading — well, at least the other white belts — so I should know when they’re likely to be going for side control. So, goal was to prevent side control. Tim and Justin could still hit it at will, though I was immediately working on getting out again; in the other rolls, they got there or close a few times. But overall, I was moving sooner and getting away from side control.

Medium class tonight. A few guys who just got back in town for school. Warmup, pretty good. Even had two squat jump trips, although my legs were burning — and they were longer jumps, too! Possibility that at some point in the future I might faintly resemble the frogs everyone else imitates so well on those…

Partnered up for some neck work. First time I’ve seen any of this. First one, your partner stood and you started with your head on the outside of his leg; you pushed in to his leg with your head. Second, you started in pushup position; your partner cupped his head under your forehead, and then you lifted your hands and tried to stay up. Third, same as the second except you started on your back. I lasted milliseconds on the latter two.

Then a few warmup rolls. Started with Buddy #2, who’d been my partner for the neck work. Working on the two goals — and was continually surprised at how well my feet were working — and keeping up my defense from Saulo. Started out in his guard for a while and couldn’t posture up. He finally swept me and I stayed on the bottom the rest of the time, but that’s for working another time, and probably not for a while.

Second roll with Tim. Using my feet (makes it so much easier to move your hips when they have support at both ends. Don’t ask me why my brain hasn’t consistently used this before…) and trying to avoid side control. Feet were good; side control, well, he had it when he wanted it, though I was making a point to move as soon as I could. He took my back at some point and had me defending neck attacks for a while.

The drilling. Started with a guard break and pass. Then drilled a gi D’Arce choke.

Then rolling again. Started with Justin. He kept trying for that D’Arce choke, though he was giving me time to figure a way out. And he was rolling as if I might know what I’m doing, which made me happy. (That’s my measure of progress — how Justin rolls with me. If he just sits there and does simple things and has to remind me of what I know, then I’m not doing so well. But if he’s throwing out crazy spins and rolls and What was that?s and/or nearly taking a submission, then I’m doing decently well.) Feet didn’t get so much action because he was playing in very close, but I was immediately moving away from side control. Still don’t remember what to do when he lets me have the top, though…

Last roll with Will. Feet still working. Didn’t get away before he got side control all the time, but moving sooner to get away after. Also moved sooner when he tried to throw some armbars but had left a little space. One, turned out and turtled; tried the switch from a bit ago but couldn’t quite get it; we moved on to a scramble though. Other, turned in and spun somehow; I think he should’ve had the omoplata, but I somehow kept spinning to top side control (only for a brief second). (Do wish, though, I could remember what I’d done to escape!)

So one night I can’t grapple my way out of a paper bag, and the next it almost looks like I know what I’m doing. C’mon, brain, consistency (and pick the “up” end, would ya?).

When I had a full-time job, I used to think it would be great to have all day to do everything or nothing. Vacation days were nice, but I was always thinking about going back. So now I have days and days with no real pressing commitments… and it stinks. Always stuff to do, but no motivation for doing it. Days pass, and I don’t accomplish anything, and then I feel like a lazy bum, and then more days pass before I think of doing anything about the fact that I haven’t done anything. It’s living in a black hole, and it’s not fun.

Still haven’t heard about the interview. Need to send them an email. Need to check back with another company, too. (But the black hole has swallowed that part of the To Do list, and my motivation with it.)

8 thoughts on “A little consistency would be nice :/

  1. BJJ Girl,

    That black hole is a slippery slope. There are days that I feel as if it is going to swallow me and that will be the end of me. I also try to stick with a daily schedule and to be diligent in my job search. But, some days it takes more energy to send out resumes, follow-up, etc than to grapple five rounds of five minutes each. Just as in grappling or life you have to have that indomitable will to keep pressing on. I try to relate my job search to my BJJ and conditioning programs by using words such as persitance, determination, confidence, focus, and most importantly not to be beaten by not having my head in the game

    Hang in there and good luck,

  2. Hey, Ken. Thanks for posting.

    Heh, so I need consistency in my job search, too? =P So as usual, jiu-jitsu is a microcosm of the rest of my life. Gotta love it.

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