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on January 19, 2009

Maybe it’s just Mondays that are bad for me, for some reason. Or maybe I’m remembering wrong. But I think I might be getting the most frustrated with myself and my jiu-jitsu on Mondays.

This morning, did 30 min on the treadmill, 3 pullups/20 squat jumps x 2, and then some bridging/threading the needle drills.

Students are back, so large class tonight. Couple of new guys, too. Warmup was alright, though could only get one run on the squat jumps (no surprise since I’d done those earlier). Then we worked the setup for a throw, doing the throw itself only a couple of times. It’s one I’ve seen before, but I still need lots of practice.

Then a couple of warmup rolls. Got the new guy who I’d rolled with last week. Got crushed. As in, not even funny anymore Iwantmymommy crushed. Wanted to just walk out at that point, but stayed. Justin next, and he let me start in side control. I don’t know what to do from top side control anymore; I’m never there; I’m always the bug on the bottom. He let me sweep him to mount once, and again, I have no clue what to do there anymore. He finally swept me over to my guard, but I still couldn’t figure anything out. Way too loose all over, too.

Drilling was a half-spider guard, half-scissor sweep. Seemed simple enough, looked similar to other spider guard sweeps I’ve done… and I couldn’t get it to work.

More rolling. First round: had one brief moment on top when he turtled; tried the clock choke and variations from last week, but didn’t have my thumb (smashed thumb, tsk, should’ve switched sides) in deep enough and he pulled out. (He was nice enough to say afterward that it had been pretty tight. But not right, apparently.)

Then rolled with another guy, and at some point I ended stuck in turtle, as in, I cannot get out in any direction even though I’m trying. He’s got his weight down on me and is attacking my neck, though not getting anything. He finally made a comment like, “Oh, I see what you’re doing — trying not to use a lot of energy because you’re tired.” … … … … No.

Last round, the new guy tried to jump in with me again, but someone had left early so we needed to have a man out, and Tim waved me out. The other new guy, though, had to pull out of his round with ~1 min left, so I rolled with Clifton for just a bit. We landed in half-guard — me on the bottom to start — but I did manage to sort out the belt sweep from a while ago and rolled him, so I was suddenly on top. Erm, do what now? But then the round was over.

Climbing after. We went last Wednesday after nogi class. Tonight, it was after gi class. Wowzers, my forearms and fingers were tight and aching — and that’s still with trying to use my legs! The palms of my hands are rubbed raw, though.

There were a couple of other people there, and one girl started giving me advice and walking me through a little bit, which I appreciate as I have no clue what I’m doing still. I worked on the Orange route some more and made it to the corner itself with one leg desperately trying to pull myself around, but then fell. Only about 1 foot off the ground, so not a major fall; the Orange route runs horizontal until the cave; then it goes up and around and to the top of the kiddie wall. (Note to self for next time: get a cross grip on the two nearest handholds and get your knee around the corner.)


2 responses to “Mondays

  1. Alex says:

    You might want to try Lock Down half guard to the Old School sweep, this move helped me allot when starting out. When I started I found myself in half guard a lot more than full guard. Using the Lock Down made things easier for me being the smaller guy always stuck on the bottom. It’s a classic Eddie Bravo move. The Lock Down does immobilize your hips slightly but it also takes away the base of the top person. It puts them in allot pain and stops them from passing. You then master the Whip Up move (this takes time to get good at) which keeps the lockdown and puts you on your side. You then have multiple options for sweeps. Old school being my favorite followed by what is called the electric chair sweep.

    Check these out and yes I know Submissions 101 is usually flamed on messages boards

    I’m definitely no expert but when I started out I was having the same frustrations as you. Being the smallest guy in class I was always stuck on my back. After a while I started getting really good at half guard sweeps and then I would find myself on top after sweeping them and have almost no top game because I was never there. I then started developing the rest of my game.

  2. leslie says:

    Hey, Alex, thanks for stopping by. (And I apologize for not approving your comment earlier, but WP stuck it in the “Spam” folder and I never thought to check there. Has been fixed now, though.)

    I do know Old School, and I think I know Lock Down and Whip Up by observation (and application to me!) but not from actual teaching. (Usually, we’re introduced to things as “Today we’re going to do a sweep from half guard” without any name being attached to the move, so I know things without knowing that I know them.)

    Thanks, I’ll check those out. (And I didn’t know that Submissions 101 usually gets flamed [is it because of so much Eddie Bravo stuff?]; I don’t have a problem with them, and even link to them in my sidebar.)

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