Saturday jiu-jitsu

I’m working back through Saulo Ribeiro’s Jiu-jitsu University, slowly, very slowly. I’m trying to work on using the white belt survival techniques and then some of the little things that he just throws in there. I like that there’s a lot of why something works or doesn’t work and that he has the sections on “misconceptions” for particular positions.

Every day in class, I try to pick one thing from the book to work on: elbows in tight, hips not flat, blocking the collar, blocking the arm. Usually I’m also trying at least one of the positions itself, but try to pull out the little details and apply them all over.

And, of course, there’s my favorite quote, on building confidence:

…every time you feel your opponent having to muscle through your defense, take this as a mental victory that your jiu-jitsu holes are getting smaller.
~Saulo Ribeiro, The University of Jiu-Jitsu

Small bunch this morning, though we were all in gi. Warmup as usual. Still slow, though. Meh. Then we partnered up for a few rounds of grip fighting/playing. I need to be more aggressive about fighting to get inside; all the guys’ arms are so long that they can get my lapel or sleeve, even, and hold me away, which means I don’t get much work with my grips.

Then we drilled armbar from guard and armbar from guard with sweep. Did that for a while and then rolled.

Adam first. He catches me lots of times in something that doesn’t look dangerous, and then suddenly I’m tapping. Then Will. Still not moving fast enough when someone passes my guard; I still seem to let them get all the way to side control before I think about moving again.

Then Buddy. All defense again, including Saulo’s turtle (all-fours) survival position. Did try the single leg from there, but must not have had my leverage or timing right because it didn’t work. (And I’m proud of that thought; I didn’t make the excuse that he’s too tall or too strong. I didn’t do something right. Even recognized it while rolling.) Afterward, he said my defense had been good; he hadn’t been able to get anything.

Then Scott. It’s been a while since I’ve rolled with him. As usual, though, he pointed out when I was going the wrong way and fixed a few other details. Afterward, he said I’ve improved a lot since last time and that I felt smooth and fast. (Smooth is good!) I said that I felt slow, and he said that part of that is because he’s so much taller than me, so when I’m trying to go around I have further to go than he does. (So, what you’re saying is… I need to find the shortcut around. Hehe. Although, I feel slow with the smaller guys, too, so there’s still something to work on.) I asked him what I needed to work on, and he said moving between someone passing my guard and getting to side control. Doh. (The good news is that I noticed it, too. So, to work on.)

Even with so much extra gi — and the grip fighting at the beginning of some classes — I’m still not remembering to grab the gi a lot. Sometimes in the middle of the round I think, “Oh, yeah, this is gi!” *headdesk* Silly girl…


3 thoughts on “Saturday jiu-jitsu

  1. I have been using the book for a while now too. I kid you not, I get one to two compliments in class on my defense. This book is a gem.

  2. It is a fabulous book. Saulo throws in so many little things in the text and descriptions that I’m having to work through slowly. I read with a notebook and take notes, and then try to work on one or two things in each class.

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