Rock climbing

After class, a few of us went rock climbing. As if I hadn’t worn myself out already, now my hands are rubbed raw, the skin is peeling from my fingertips, and my forearms are tense — and you use your legs to do most of it! (I can already tell that they’re starting to feel it, though.)

It is, however, lots of fun, even though I didn’t go more than 10 feet up. There aren’t any harnesses, and I didn’t trust myself to hang on or the grips to hold me, so I stayed low, climbed the kiddie wall many times, and just focused on getting a feel for it. Did hit the beginning of the orange route, in which you hang off one grip that’s about 2 feet off the ground, with your legs up on two about 6 inches up; the next hand grip is one inch beyond my reach from the left foot grip. So the guys could just stand up and get it; I had to get my legs under me and launch, ending on my left toes. Got a few grips further on that one, but failed right before the first corner.

Hands are still trembling. 0.o

(And I forgot last night, because I think my brain was still trembling, too, that my rented shoes turned my feet purple! So I have a purple-ish thumb (is getting better, though) and now purples toes. Whatever the dye is, it’s being stubborn about coming off.)

First nogi class in a week. Kind of weird; I felt underdressed and was so cold at the beginning of class!

Warmup. Still near last on shrimping, but I felt as if I was going a bit faster. Then one warmup roll, with the other girl. She still reaches back to break my guard, so I grabbed the triangle that opened. The rest of the round, I probably should have moved around more and tried for different things, but I think I got comfortable (or lazy; either’s valid) and didn’t do much. I hit X-guard at one point and swept her to mount, but then my brain was failing to send the correct signals to my body, and she eventually reversed me.

Drilling. Step-over armbar from knee-on-belly. We also worked two counters to them rolling out: first, move your hips toward their head and bring the arm back across your up leg for an armbar, and b, turn your hips the other way and let them reverse-kimura themselves. (Yes, “first” and “b” — this is how they are numbered.)

Rolling again. Rolled with Will. Again working on escaping sooner. Did okay, maybe; still couldn’t break his guard. I’m stuck a lot between someone’s guard and someone’s mount. Tried the bump sweep counter from last Wednesday when he’d sweep, but my check didn’t stop his leg; need to look in to that. Tried working butterfly guard a few times, but he can just step over it.

One more roll with the new guy. He’s been training at a school ~30 mins away for 7 months but recently moved from there, and so we’re now a lot closer for him; he came tonight to check out the classes (he took Perry’s kickboxing techniques class after jiu-jitsu; I’m supposed to be in that class, but my thumb won’t go in my gloves right now). Obvious from the beginning that he was going full-out muscle. This was a survival round. He pulled guard, and I spent a lot of the round trying to break his guard, just like with Will. He also does the bump tackle, er, sweep; again I couldn’t check it. And from mount, he tried to rip that armbar. Escaped decently most of the time. He turned it into an americano once; I shrimped toward him/away from it, to take off the pressure; got pulled over to back mount and he tried for the RNC; somehow, I don’t know how, I got away. Never had anything of my own to catch, but I was actually staying calm and trying to work (although the little voice in my head kept saying You do realize what you’re doing is pointless, right? Shuddup, voice.) and escaped what he threw at me.

Did 3 pullups (forearms and hands still shot from grip work) because I didn’t know we were climbing. Then they tell me.


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