My fingers are tingling…

Did get up this morning — and after my normal three-hour waking up period (including falling asleep on the couch!) — and headed downstairs to work out. 30 minutes on the treadmill, 3 pull-ups, 5-per-side bridging followed by 5-per-side threading the needle, and then 1 minute of jumping rope. (Btw, I am terrible at jump rope! How did I ever pass elementary school PE?) Not a lot, but got moving. … And then, because my day was thrown off with the interview being rescheduled, I got pulled in by Alpha Centauri and sat playing it until time for class. Oops.


  • escape sooner when you see it coming

Not too bad. With Adam, didn’t see ’em coming until it was too late. And though I wasn’t thinking of elbows and not being flat, I think I was keeping up with those two as well. Also, something else I’ve been thinking of, especially to use when I’m getting frustrated: work what you know. When stuck in someone’s guard, work the guard passes you know, even if nothing works. When stuck under mount, work the escapes you know, even if you don’t get out. Calm down; you know techniques for this; use them. Decent, I think.

Warmup. First drill off the wall was shrimping down, two trips. I need to work on speed there. Second drill was partner drags. Justin grabbed me since he also smashed his thumb and so was going one-handed, and I’m the lightest. Two trips on that. He was helping me on my drags by pushing off with his legs. Then a few more drills down the mat; my legs were shaky and tense at the same time. Then we partnered up to just do grip fighting. First with one of the smaller guys, and he was jerking me every which way. Then Jon, a big wrestler, and while he was strong and was moving me around, he was actually trying to work the grips and not just jerk.

Then a few rolls. Started with Will. Mostly in guard, trying to break it, or flipped over and mounted, trying to work out. Was escaping sooner, though never got far. At the end of the first roll, Tim promoted Dmitri to blue belt. Congrats!

Second roll. Went for a clock choke at one point, but the top hand was the one with the hurt thumb and since I couldn’t shoot that thumb under, I tried to grip with just my fingers, but I turned my hand backwards and couldn’t get the choke. (In drilling, saw a few other points that would have helped.) When I realized my hand was wrong, I tried to pull it out and reposition it (should have switched sides first, doh), and he had enough space to turn to his near side. Stepped my back leg over and got in position for the armbar, but couldn’t break his grip. Tried straight-on pulling, tried kimura grip and turning sideways, tried grabbing his leg, tried pulling both arms, tried pinning the close hand behind my elbow and pulling the far arm, tried switching between all of those quickly to catch one of them. Knees were pinched in good, feet were pulled in; he tried to get up a few times and I was able to hold him down. But we stayed there so long that my grip, forearms, and legs fatigued, and eventually he escaped. At the end of this second round, Tim promoted Jeremy to blue belt, too.

Drilling was the clock choke and two variations. Worked in with Adam and Justin, so I got lots of help. Seems like a good choke for me to do because I have short arms; if I get them in deep, there isn’t much space. (As opposed to something like the D’Arce, for which my arms are then a little too short to get around most of the guys’ arm and neck.)

My grip & forewarms were so tired. My hands were tingling even during drilling. They’ve had a lot more grip work, with Saturday and Monday even before tonight. There’s one good thing about lots of gi work — my grip should get a lot stronger!

More rolling. Started with Adam. Saw the D’Arces coming and blocked all but one. Did get parts of the threading the needle move from last night in there to get back to guard (back toward guard would be more accurate, since he’s usually past my guard before I ever got back). Lost keeping my elbows in close once, and he had a triangle in the next half second. Somehow landed near a D’Arce of my own, but couldn’t get my arm all the way through.

Next with Justin. He had his hurt hand tucked in to his belt — but it was as if he had all limbs and then some! He wasn’t sitting back on me, either, like he was last night: spinning and rolling every which way. Not giving me an inch, either. Went for the double-under flip pass, but he was fighting back on it because he didn’t want to get flipped. I even tried a few forward rolls, something I usually hesitate on too much and never try.

Last round with Mike. Grip still tired. Not moving as well, not keeping my legs on him. Started to whine again — he’s too tall, he’s too strong — but caught it and shut it up. Still, not so good.

After class (tired hands, sore thumb, and all), did 3 pullups. Not spectacular, but considering that my arms felt as if they were going to fall off, not too shabby.


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