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Purple Thumb

on January 10, 2009

I smashed just the tip of my thumb on Thursday. Today, my entire thumb is purple. Woke up around 2 a.m. Friday morning in pain. Little thumb, big pain. Not throbbing any more, but still pain if it gets hits.

Of course I rolled anyway today. (Did skip kickboxing last night because I still can’t make a fist; can barely bend the finger because it’s so swollen.) Not too bad, even in gi, though I couldn’t grab on some angles.


  • elbows in
  • back not flat

Not too bad, though I was flattened out a lot and had trouble getting my hips out.

Adam and Tim wanted to roll gi today, so they tried to get the word out to everyone who wasn’t there on Thursday. Only about half of us had them, though.

Warmup was a bit short, then a few rounds of rolling. Adam first, and wow, everything still comes from nowhere. Then Will. I think I’m starting to know what submission is coming, but I’m not doing anything — or at least not enough — to get away.

Then we drilled a half-guard sweep, for when they stand to try to pass the trapped knee over to the other side. Drilled with Perry. He had me stretched in a full split almost every time. I had to work harder to get the right leverage on him. Then we drilled armbar from mount, just working on spinning around and getting the hips in deep.

More rolling. In with a guy who wasn’t wearing a gi but was using mine freely. Not getting much. Then with a guy who was on his second day, and that wasn’t such a good idea; he was trying to rip my head off. I just tried to move and find leverage. I suppose the good thing about that, though, is that he made all the normal muscle-sharking guys seem like guppies. Actually was trying to catch him in something (had a few shots at triangles and once at RNC), but he just peeled me off. Will again, and still too slow to get away from submissions I see coming. Last round with Tim, which is still just ridiculous. He let me work from a few positions; got to try a clock choke, but didn’t have my arms quite right; he showed me after what I’d missed.

Icing the thumb after class. Hopefully it’ll heal up soon.


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