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Topsy turvy

on January 7, 2009

No word from the interview people. Meh.

My jiu-jitsu is down down one day, and almost decent the next. Can’t we just have a nice steady pace?


  • elbows in
  • back not flat

Elbows were flaring, especially when rolling with Adam, though slightly better in the other two rolls. I think — again except possibly with Adam — I was unflat the rest of the night.

Small class for a nogi class. Still too slow in warmups. And one of my toes — next to the one I dislocated this summer — is being obnoxious; I hit it last night in one of my rolls, and now it’s trying to pretend that it’s hurt.

One roll to warmup. I got Adam, who D’Arced and triangled me silly. Elbows weren’t in, either. Tsk, tsk. When I finally thought I’d gotten away from a D’Arce, he’d have a triangle waiting for me. He turtled for me again tonight, and I tried for the Peruvian necktie again; he turned it around somehow and caught me instead, and then mock fussed at me for trying the move he’d shown last week. Perhaps I should try for something else on him there, but 1) it’s the first thing I think of and 2) if I can get it on him, I can get it on anyone — and when I don’t get it on him, I generally know what I didn’t do right. Tonight, not getting that second leg up fast enough and not pushing back on his head enough with the first leg. Possibly landed too much on my rear and not on my leg, too.

Then we drilled a counter to the bump sweep, which we drilled last night. I started to work with a guy who weighs ~100 lbs more than me but who works well with me. But they split us up and mixed us in with another pair where there was a significant size difference. That meant I got the guy who’s back for his first night… again. And, yeah, it’s still his first night. Bump sweep. He has done this; I was there. No clue again. Half the time when I was sweeping him so he could counter, he’d roll me over before I could sweep him (which, sure, could work because an opponent would be thinking, “Sweet, he swept himself for me,” while you’re setting up this submission).

A few rounds of rolling. First guy. Elbows in better, and stayed unflat most of the time. But still on my back for most of the round. That’s kind of Goal #2b: get off your back. But it’s not officially up there, so maybe I can let that slide. He wrestled out an armbar, and when we reset he pulled me in to guard. Couldn’t break it; he could just pull me right back down. I think I need to use my feet more; right now they’re just kind of attached to my legs.

Next round with another white belt, a guy who likes to give me instructions while we’re rolling — but what he tells me to do isn’t right. And I know that, so I ignore him. I caught my shin over his neck for a triangle once but couldn’t get around for the angle to sink in the figure 4, and he finally pulled out. He postured his head up completely out of reach, and then started telling me to get head control. Did swipe up toward his head once just to confirm that he was, in fact, much too far away, and then went to work getting butterfly guard. I ended up turtled at one point and was waiting for a leg to come close enough to grab; Adam, on the side, started saying, “Roll out, roll out,” but he wasn’t adding anyone’s name, so I wasn’t sure he was talking to me. Finally popped my head around and asked if he meant me; he said yes and said to roll over my right shoulder and then get back to guard. The roll worked; the back to guard, not so much. A bit later, though, somehow ended up transitioning from guard to his back (and actually got almost all the way up on the first try, whereas usually I have to bounce on my posting hand for a bit; only had my foot caught on his hip, and a little weight-shifting turned that in to two hooks). Went for the RNC and caught it, and then he started telling me to stretch his neck out, while Adam was telling me to squeeze in. So, squeeze in. When he had to tap, he turned around and started telling me again that I need to stretch his neck out, but Adam interrupted to show him the right way to finish it.

I was hungry before class. Tummy growling. I think maybe I’m not eating enough during the day. I’m trying to watch what I’m eating, since I didn’t for 3 weeks and since I’ve gained 10 lbs. So maybe I’m watching too closely…


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