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"Be gentle, kind and beautiful, yet firm and strong, both mentally and physically." ~Sensei Keiko Fukuda

I will not regress…

on January 5, 2009

…even though it feels as if I am. Bleh.


  • elbows in
  • back not flat

Medium class. Warmup: fell behind at one point (Tim was calling out the next drill before I’d finished the current one), nearly caught up in the middle, but then behind again after evil squat jumps — 10 squat jumps in place, then jump as far ahead as you can, continuing all the way down. My “far ahead” is puny, so I got the pleasure of doing lots and lots of squat jumps.

Worked a pass from guard that Tim had briefly showed at the end of class on Saturday, when we were just sitting around. Worked with Justin and Perry.

Then rolling. Started with Adam. Actually did see and feel the D’Arces coming in from all angles, and was getting my hips out and my head away, though he did catch one. Was really working on keeping my elbows in, both from my notes before leaving and from Jiu-jitsu University, especially to avoid triangles. Also wanted to work on not staying flat. Did okay, but couldn’t do anything else. He turtled for me at one point; went for the Peruvian necktie, but he saw it coming and got away.

Then with Will. Felt as if I were three steps behind the whole time. Used turtle a few times to get away from whatever he was doing; I felt as if I had my elbows in tight, my hands by my neck, and my head pressed down, but he could just pry and slide in whenever he wanted. He got the Peruvian necktie on me; and I saw it coming so I tried every defense I knew but nothing worked. Then Perry. More working on keeping my back from going flat and trying to keep my elbows in. Under mount or side control the whole time, though. Spent most of the night there, actually, except for the few moments when Adam turtled. One more roll with Will again. Very much like the first round with him. Again with the elbows in.

I guess, though, that I did hit my goals for the night: I was working to get my back from being flat and managed to stay that way most of the night, and I did keep my elbows in most of the time. Nothing up there about getting away from mount or side control or off the bottom in general. Couldn’t do anything even though I wasn’t flat and my elbows were in, but that’s not up there, either. So, I either need to be happy that I did what I said I wanted to do or change what I want to do. Heh. Good point. Okay, fine, I’ll be content. (Not quite happy, but it’ll do.)


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