9 months of BJJ, but no rolling

Today is 9 months since I started BJJ. Okay, so the last month was mostly not rolling, with vacation and holidays, but still, nine months. I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else.

Just a few of us there today. Since so many guys have been gone, Tim hasn’t gotten to spar much, so that’s what he wanted to do. I even got in for two rounds, once with Justin and once with Adam. Still lots to work on, but I felt much more relaxed and was even trying to hit them. (I think my arms are shorter than I thought they were, though; not connecting as much as I wanted to.) Really winded after just the second round, too.

Happy New Year!

My family, ever the exciting bunch, ushered in the year by working a puzzle until 3 a.m.

Fightworks Podcast Blog of the Year Contest

Go vote! Voting ends January 5th (they changed it!), and the winners are announced on January 11th.

Finalists are:

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