A little Saturday rolling

Most everyone’s gone for the holidays, so there were only four of us and Adam today. Supposed to be open mat, but since we had no motivation (and too much holiday food!), Adam ran us through a quick warmup and showed a few moves.

We rolled twice after the warmup. It’s slowly coming back to my conscious brain. First with a guy who’s new. And I knew he was new, but I wasn’t trying to take it “easy” on him. Good girl. *pat on the head* Didn’t get anything — I think I needed to be tighter and to get my weight on him better — but did get a few set-ups; just couldn’t quite finish. Then with Will, who also asked me where I’ve been. And I don’t remember much; I was purposely trying to not think too much. I guess I did it fairly well, since I have no clue what happened.

Adam showed a switch, starting from when they have you turtled and have over/under from the front and ending with you having their back and over/under. Then he showed a takedown from a wrestling clinch.

Started to roll with Fred again, but he’d gotten his nose busted in his other earlier roll and had to run and take care of that. Then rolled with the other guy. Adam mentioned to him to use technique not strength, but that didn’t last long. I remember somewhere in Jiu-jitsu University, Saulo Ribeiro says that if your opponent has to resort to strength to get anything done on you, then you can count it as a victory. So I smiled to myself a lot during this round, even as he tapped me a few times. Did get a few ugly but effective passes and some decent defense in a few places. Adam was closely watching us, and afterward he said I’d done well.

Home to play tour guide for visiting family, only to find that they’ve all taken off for shopping. Pfft. Heading out later to watch the fights. (That is one crazy card!)

All my bruises, cuts, scrapes, and various pains healed up very nicely while I was gone. Only now that I’ve started back, I’m getting all torn up all over again.


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