Little bit of MMA

Watched the UFC fights last night. Saw the one guy’s arm get popped (ew). And today saw a picture of the guy breaking his own leg. Someone posted it on a forum with the title “Did you see this?” I was looking at the picture for nearly a minute, thinking, “I don’t get it, did I see wha — ew, oh, ew, blech!”

And had to listen to the dumb ref tell the guys to “work” and then standing them up or separating them when the one guy had back mount and was working. People who seem to know nothing about grappling shouldn’t ref MMA.

Small class tonight. Exams start tomorrow, which may explain it. Warmup was really light (just the around-the-mat drills and a few single legs). Then shadow boxing. Then we partnered up for the rest of the night. Jab-cross, slip, slip for the first round, then added shooting and grabbing, then added lifting. Then we did a few kicking drills (though after talking about the guy’s broken leg in UFC last night — he was the one doing the kicking — I was skeptical of leg kicks!). Finished up with shadow boxing + sprawls.

I got the guy who acts like it’s his first night. He’s done the MMA class and even the kickboxing classes for months now, but it’s still his first night every night. *sigh* I don’t get it, I really don’t, and I don’t know what to do when I work with him. Do I go light and slow and easy with him, since he doesn’t seem to know what he’s doing? I feel bad going full speed or full power, either in jiu-jitsu or in MMA; he just always seems so lost and confused.

Spin-the-wheel pizza after. No one won the free pizza, but both me and Scotty won a free zeppoli dessert. Had never had or heard of it before. They brought out two large brown paper bags and set them on the table. Scotty and I looked at each other, down at the bags, and back at each other. Then we both peeked inside and said, “Wow!” It’s like funnel-cake dough, fried in small pieces, and then dropped in powdered sugar. Shared the bags around the table; way too much for one person to eat. Now everyone wants to win that on the wheel instead of the free pizza!

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