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Tap, Nap, or Snap

on December 10, 2008

Oo, I’m getting feisty.


  • Faster
  • guard-to-back

And reviewed the list.

The other girl was back tonight. She fractured two bones in her hand at work (ouch!).

Tim is starting fight training again. So while he was finishing up his last sparring round, Perry ran our warmup. (He claimed he knew how to do it…) Backward and Forward Rolls mixed in with other stuff. Did get both runs on squat jumps, though. Nick took over after he finished helping with Tim.

A few warmup rolls. Started with Nick. He likes D’Arces. Doh. Tried to do them back on him; he just laughed and slipped out at the last second. The other girl second. She was watching out for the triangle I caught her in last time, but I did mostly catch it once; she tried to roll out, so I ended with the triangle from on top. Tried to go guard-to-back once; she pushed me back down, and I landed on her hurt hand. Oops, sorry! We paused so she could check it out, but then she said she was okay. I just went really carefully after that, trying not to go near that hand again.

Technique was another option besides Plan B from Old School when they post out the leg you’re underhooking. Worked with the other girl until her hand started hurting more. We had an odd number, so I found the third guy and waved him over. This is the guy who acts as if every day is his first day. He had been working with Nick and Buddy #1, and I saw him do the sweep. Saw him do it. But when I waved him over, he said, “So what do I do?” *facepalm* I tried to do it on him first, and he said he didn’t know how to post his leg, etc. So I just let him do the sweep, and again he acted like he didn’t know what to do.

(Just thought of this: maybe he doesn’t really want to work with me? And this is his way of showing it? Probably not, but I just can’t figure out why this guy never seems to remember anything….)

More rolling. Started with the guy whose name I couldn’t remember on Monday. Don’t remember all the round, but I was moving and getting out of stuff. At one point, he caught my legs for the double-under pass; I made my legs as heavy as I could and tried to get up, but couldn’t; he took his sweet time (my ribs were hurting!) on doing the pass. Tim called out, “Head control, Leslie, head control”; I reached up for his head, but my arms are too short and I got stuck grasping air; I heard Tim laugh and say, “Never mind.” Did hit Old School once (he didn’t post out so I couldn’t do today’s technique); the pass after wasn’t all that great, though.

Next round, Tim waved me toward the guy who acts like it’s his first day. If I pull guard, he flops and presses down toward the floor, so it’s hard to do any normal guard work. Did finally figure something out: I wedged under one of his arms and passed to the back; he throws himself forward/down, which makes it easier to do. Got to his back and went for the RNC; he was peeling my arms off, and I couldn’t get my legs up to catch one of his arms. Moved around, staying on his back, grabbing at arms and looking for the armbar if I couldn’t get the RNC. Finally he tried to roll out; I stayed with him, though, and got the choke sunk while he was rolling; finished it with him in turtle. (Did notice that I was crossing my feet — oops! — when I had his back.) Reset, and I pulled guard this time to work from there. He was trying a kimura, I think; somehow caught a triangle. Resetting, I got another quick pass around to his back, planning for the armbar from back; he tried to scramble out and I ended up on my stomach, but still had the arm and finished. Told him after that that he needs to tap harder; I almost didn’t feel it.

Last round with Adam. Went for his back from the start, and he let me and turtled. Went for the RNC, but he spun back to guard. He sunk a couple of D’Arces. I laughed after the second and said that I see them coming but can’t do anything about them… yet. He laughed, too, and agreed with the “yet.” Most of the round was a scramble, with positions somewhat sketched in at points. Don’t remember what submission I was heading for at one point, but he rolled and I kept hold of his arm; so close to hitting the armbar, but my feet were crossed and he zipped out. (He said after that I was close, too.) Did have an accidental elbow-to-groin shot while we were scrambling. I sowwy. I try to watch out for that, but sometimes it happens.

Class done, and everyone jetted to watch UFC.


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