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Rolling makes it all better

on December 9, 2008

Twenty-four hours and one hissy fit later. Feeling much better. About myself, about jiu-jitsu, about life.


  • Play with grips and gi
  • Faster

Very large class tonight. Classes are ending at the universities (last day is tomorrow), so everyone temporarily has a lot more time. Exams start Friday, and then sometime next week they’ll all start pulling out. And classes don’t start back until the middle of January, so there may be a lot of almost-private lessons for the next month. I don’t mind a bit…

Since the heat’s been back on, it’s been warm in gi class again. Still not getting my breath well during warmups. Pushing, though. I think my hips may have finally gotten in the swing of the alligators; do need to bend my arms more, though. Squat jumps — meh, one trip.

Then we worked a sacrifice takedown. Worked in with Nick and Buddy #1, then just Buddy when Adam had to step out and Nick moved over to take his place. One more technique for the night. Worked in with Nick and Buddy #1 again and Justin some.

Few rounds next. Started with Buddy #1. Tim’s been pairing us together a lot recently, and I really like rolling with him because he focuses on technique when we roll. Similar to last week’s roll, he was playing spider guard, though this time he already knew I was waiting for him to grab my ankle. Made it much more interesting. Flopped my arms at some point and he slid the triangle in. Doh. He nearly had several others, but I’d manage just enough of a defense that his options were to move on or to muscle it in. He moved on. Later, after moving on once, he got my back but couldn’t get the RNC without overpowering me, so he switched to the armbar and used the technique from class tonight. I had nothing the whole time — maybe an almost-pass to side control — but we were active and moving, and I was trying to play with grips and with the gis.

Next with the least muscley of the judo guys. I actually got started with the takedown from knees we worked a few months ago, except he didn’t roll over with me. Doh. Was actually working lapel grips better on him than I had on Buddy. At some point, he got mount and was trying choke me; I was trying to put my arms over his to keep them pinned; he stopped and showed me how to slide my arms under and leverage the choke off. The round was mostly me trying to escape with limited success. I think I did hit something that I was proud of, but I can’t remember it now.

One more round with another guy. We started out playing for grips; somehow I caught his opposite sleeve with one hand and realized I could zip around to his back. So I did. He moved before I got completely there; I did get one hook in and tried to get all the way around but couldn’t, and he dropped back in my guard. I got to use the judo guy’s tip against him, and it worked. He caught a guillotine at one point, but didn’t have it in too tightly (usually they get it on and tight so fast that I can’t do anything but tap), so I actually got to defend it and finally got out. Went for the sweep from last week and got him up, but then he was too tall for me to finish the sweep (his shoulders were still on the mat) — and he’s a former gymnast, so he was quite comfortable hanging upside down and working from there. Toward the end, he was going for the armbar from mount. I grabbed about 3 different kimuras/figure-4s on myself (wrist-to-wrist, wrist-to-ankle, ankle-to-ankle) to lock down the arm he wanted. He was trying to get the technique from class, but couldn’t get any of my limbs to come out. Mostly forgot about lapels and grips this round. Meh.

Adam was in the mood for Whoppers after class. Blech. But I went along just to hang out.

Starting to freak out about how close leaving for Paris is. And starting to get excited. I’ve never been out of the country before. And it’s a week with my best friend, who I don’t get to see nearly enough. Been trying to practice my high school French, but it’s weak (and I kept thinking in Spanish instead, since I took that longer). And it’s a week off from BJJ and job searching, which I probably need very badly.


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