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Everything and the kitchen sink

on December 8, 2008

It was a good day. I finally emailed the contact one of the guys at BJJ had given me (lots of drafts). Had a sort-of phone interview with the president & CEO of a company; he’d seen the latest company on my resume, and that I’d worked with the CEO, and he and the CEO are friends, and he also knows the professor I did some editing work for — so he felt as if he should call me. His company doesn’t have anything right now, but may sometime next year. Coolness. And I called my best friend and we talked over our Paris plans. (We leave this Saturday. It’s just now starting to sink in. Ugh: I gotta start packing!)

So a good day, and I was excited to get to BJJ and celebrate. Didn’t exactly happen that way…


  • Faster (warmup, moving, countering)
  • guard-to-back

Didn’t get to look over too much because the phone interview was later in the afternoon.

Large class tonight. Warmup, not too bad. Still not getting my breath so well, but trying to go faster despite it. Two warmup rolls. Started with New Adam. And got tapped. With a guillotine. (At least he didn’t crank it as most of the guys do.) Hmph, oh wells, it happens. Reciprocated with a triangle later. Then Buddy #1. He caught two triangles, one right off and one at the end, with armbar attempts from guard and mount in there. I didn’t get many sweeps or much of anything, really; not much moving, mostly just reacting to what he did.

Drilling was the same D’Arce from Saturday, and then how to finish it if they turtle before you get it in. (Nick spins to turtle a lot, so this was specifically to counter Nick. :p He wasn’t even here tonight.)

Drilled for a while, and then more rolling. I think I had three rolls… but I can only remember parts of two… so maybe it was only two… I dunno. One was a guy who’s name I don’t remember. Felt as if I was moving fairly well; remembered to go back for guard before he passed all the way, though couldn’t always get back; also have been working on hitting an escape as they go from side control to north/south, and got a few of those. Stuck on bottom the whole time. He tried a D’Arce, but hadn’t caught under my chin, so all his pressure was on my ear. We were stuck there for a long time; I couldn’t get out in any direction. Another roll was Will. At one point he caught a triangle with both of my arms solidly pinned inside; also, sunk it in such a way that I couldn’t breath or speak. I tried. Couldn’t tap. Finally figured out to tap with my knee on his hip. Was seeing stars for a while. Finished the roll. Similar to previous: on the bottom a lot, few escapes.

I can’t remember rolling with another guy over on that side, but I really thought we’d had three rolls. Eh. Class was over, and the judo class has the mat after us, so we went around the corner to the smaller mat. Scotty and Adam rolled, and another pair; another guy came in to roll with me. We rolled for a very long time — through Scott and Adam’s roll; through Adam, Scott, and Justin doing a couple of techniques 25 times per side; and through most of Adam, Scott, and Justin playing “Monkey Warrior” (sort of like “Ninja Warrior”) by climbing around the heavy bag support. I think this guy hit every single submission and sweep I know, plus several that I don’t yet. Couldn’t seem to keep my base; standing did no good; couldn’t keep my arms in; didn’t seem to do anything right. Swept him only a few times, and was immediately reversed.

Lots of getting caught all night, and only able to do so little in return. Just want to curl up somewhere. Maybe cry. Wondering why I like this — do I like this? Not seeming to get any better. Caught in the same stuff; not getting defense to work. Feeling stupid again. Slow. Feeling… tolerated. Now see there, making up stories again. Quit. Doesn’t help. Still leaves me feeling stupid and slow… *le sigh* Go to bed. Tomorrow’s another class. You can roll then. Always makes it all better.


2 responses to “Everything and the kitchen sink

  1. Georgette says:

    Seems like the most frustrating times of “no progress” are always heralds of big jumps and leaps. Just be patient. I believe our subconscious mind works in mysterious ways. Have a great time in Paris (will you train at all while there?) and know that when you come back, something new will have synthesized from all that downtime! And then beware to the Adams and the Buddys!

    Have a great, safe, memorable trip!

  2. leslie says:

    Thanks for the encouragement, Georgette. I appreciate it. 🙂

    Nope, no training in Paris. Pure vacation. I’m going with my best friend, who doesn’t train. We have 1 Rule once we get off the plane: I can’t talk about BJJ and she can’t talk about her boyfriend. We’re both going to try to be normal, functional, adult members of society. 0-:)

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