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So… close…

on December 6, 2008

I feel as if I’m thisclose to having a day where everything — or at least lots of things — click. It wasn’t today, though. Still feeling wimpy, which I don’t like.


  • Faster (warmup, moving, countering)
  • guard-to-back

Did look over the full list (last seen here) just to remind myself.

Warmup: was pushing to go faster, and was nearly gassed out by the end. Meh. I think I need to start doing some intervals again to get my wind back. We just got a sort-of-bike contraption at the academy; maybe I’ll start getting on that. We’ll see…. A few rounds of pummelling drills at the end. Did remember to free my head when the guys clinched up tight. And did try for a few passes around to the back instead of just defending as I used to; clunked my face on someone’s knee on one of them. One of the guys just picked me up again when he couldn’t easily get the double-under. Justin on the last round, and he helped me with some details.

Drilling was a move Adam and Justin were working on Thursday after class. I’d watched, and so was looking forward to springing it on Justin today during live rolling. Oh wells.

Didn’t drill for too long, and then rolling. Started with the guy I’d drilled with; he’s been out for several weeks with bruised ribs. He wasn’t even going to roll, but then decided to come in with me. I figured he’d want me so he could go lighter and focus on technique. … … … I was wrong. He tries to play rubber guard some. I’ve got to be careful about letting my arms get extended (noticed that on all my rolls today). He was trying for armbars and triangles (and rubber guard); I’d stack, posture, stack. The first one, he caught fast; I stacked him and got him to go back to guard. He said, right then during the roll, that he had been sure he’d had that one. A few more attempts between the two after that, finally followed by a bump tackle. Tried prying my arms up; didn’t get them, but tried to get in position for the armbar first and then to keep pulling; I turned in and back to guard. Another bump tackle, previous series repeated; when I get back to guard this time he muscled to a triangle. I was just about to tap, but then he tweaked his ribs and had to stop.

Justin came in to finish the round with me. Sweeping, moving, hips flipping, in tight, out for space, back to guard, knees through, hooks in — this is what I want. And I got the guard-to-back pass that I wanted! Whootness. A little stuttering trying to get my arm to support me (I see more pushups in my future), but then up and locked in. He was letting me play. Time called, though, before I could try much from there. Next round, Justin again since we hadn’t had much time in the previous round. We’d been moving a lot, but there wasn’t a lot of time in that first round. More of the same. The two rounds blurred in to each other. In one of the two, I was trying to do something, and Justin pointed out how I could get to butterfly guard; then from there, I got the crucifix sweep. Tried later to pass from guard to back again, but he wasn’t letting me. I was hitting so many things; some weren’t terribly pretty, but they were there (and might have worked better if I wasn’t grappling with a spider monkey!). Arms got extended and he grabbed the armbar; stacked and got my arm out, and then he showed me where to lock on his leg so I could pass. He caught a triangle later and walked me through the defense. Lots more, just not remembering. Second round ended with me on his back again obstensibly hunting for the Peruvian necktie to armbar (as he was saying, “I know what you’re going for. You’re not getting it.”) but really trying to figure out how to get my hooks in and try the other Peruvian necktie version to crucifix sweep to armbar. What he doesn’t know will surprise him later. 😉

One more with another guy. So many guys lock on for guillotines that I’m always watching for them and defending them; not that it does any good, as their arm shoving through knocks mine out of the way. Meh. Don’t like being wimpy. He caught my neck three times — all from half-guard and me pulling as far away as I could — and cranked it. Would have been more from him, I think, but I remembered to turn to my stomach a few times, turtle, and fight back toward guard. Couldn’t keep my base, either, no matter how drilled down I thought I had it.

Class was over, and most of the guys left. I was watching Scotty and Justin work on something when I got jumped from behind with an RNC attempt. Perry had tried to sneak up on me. We rolled, I don’t know for how long, though it felt kind of long. I think I’ve bruised my ribs again because every time he got pressure in side control, they hurt. I think I was moving pretty well (not as well as with Justin), but decent. He does pin me down and do a lot of wrist control. On the bottom almost the whole time, though. Had several attempts at Justin’s half-guard sweep, but couldn’t even lock it on since Perry knows what’s coming. He eventually completely pretzled me up — even he didn’t know what it was — to end it. It took us a bit to figure out how to get untangled.

Two pieces of chocolate and two inquiries yesterday. And then an email back late last night from the president & CEO of one of the companies for a phone interview on Monday. 😮 Kewl.

Whoot, ACC champs again!

(How, we don’t know. But they somehow pulled this season off.)


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