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It’s a girl!

on December 3, 2008

And she should stick, too. She’s actually been training at another local school; they offer some BJJ, but no MMA, and she really wants to fight. So her instructor there told her to go train with Tim if she’s serious about fighting. And apparently she was submitting all the guys she rolled with over there. So here she was.

Best part, she’s just about my size. Maybe 2 inches taller and 10 lbs heavier, but still much closer to me than the guys. (She also has lots — lots — of tattoos and piercings. I don’t. So at least no one will get confused between us.;)


  • Faster

Hyooge class. They just kept coming in. Two new ones, a wrestler and the girl. Also lots of guys who haven’t been around for a while.

Warmup seemed kind of light. Did single legs many many times while Tim showed the new ones how to do it. Did get both trips on the squat jumps; quads were actually fried on the second round, but I did them anyway.

Then a new drill, at least for me: king of the hill. Four guys on the mat. Had to pass the guard, if you were coming in on the top; had to stop them and/or submit or sweep them from the bottom. I jumped out first and got with Nick; stayed out a long time until he finally got an armbar. Jumped in with Yoshi once; he went for the bump sweep, but his elbow didn’t make it over to the opposite arm, instead landing square on my nose. Thought it was going to start bleeding, so I pulled out. It didn’t — but everyone saw it hit. In with Justin later, after he’d been in for many rounds. Couldn’t pass, but he wasn’t trying terribly hard to sweep me; just trying to get his breath. Tim finally sent him out and left me in. First guy in on me was one of the ones who overpowers for everything; fended him off for a few seconds, but then he passed… and then he kept going and smashed me more. Had to yell for him to stop. A couple with Adam in there, and he hit triangles fairly quickly. A few more that I don’t remember… we did this for about 20 minutes.

Then technique. Recomposing guard when someone has your back. (!! Exactly what I needed last night. Oh, well, my version worked, too.) I worked with the girl. When I went over to introduce myself to her after the warmup (she’d had to sign her waiver/contract), I said that it was nice to see another girl. She said she’d never rolled with another girl before. I said I really hadn’t, either.

Then rolling. Started with the girl. She moves fast, which is good, because it will make me move faster. (Can’t let the new girl move faster than me, now can I? I really am competitive, as long as I feel that the other person is someone I can compete with. E.g., another girl. But the guys, I don’t feel so competitive against them. So another girl = very good for me and my BJJ.) I was moving faster, too; kept reminding myself to go faster. Pulled guard to start, and she tried to pass. Only she tried by putting one hand on my stomach and reaching back to try to pry my legs apart. I finally saw the triangle set-up there. Went for it and got it. A little fuzzy on the rest of the roll. I got a few sweeps in there; tried for Justin’s half-guard sweep but still can’t get the actual roll to work (note to self: ask him about it). Saw the triangle again a few times, but wanted to try something else. I was being indecisive, though, and never really got to a good position for anything else.

Next round with the same smashy guy who’d passed my guard earlier and continued to smash. Grand. Same thing happened, only this time he was allowed to keep smashing. I just tried to relax and wait for escapes. Wanted to work on moving, but he just wraps everything up and I can’t budge. He got to mount at one point; couldn’t get his arm for the upa, couldn’t budge his legs enough for knee-elbow. Just kept bumping. He wanted the armbar and was attacking my arms and was also creeping upward. So while obstensibly going for knee-elbow, I was really working toward the back door escape. And then as I switched to one side, he dropped a bomb of an elbow straight down on my the side of my head. My head bounced off the mat. Stop. I’m done. He let me up, and I took myself off the mat. Justin was keeping time and came to check on me; I said I was fine, just done for the round.

He handed the timer off to Clifton, who’s injured, and jumped in with the guy himself. He’d’ve done more, but Clifton had to interrupt their roll to point out a pair of beginners next to them (the brand-new guy and the guy who always acts like it’s his first day) trying to do simultaneous ankle locks on each other. Justin had to break them up and tell them that those aren’t allowed. (So, see, I was right last night.)

Next round, the girl again. Caught that same triangle again almost right off, and then pointed out to her what she was doing that was setting me up. Wanted to get something else, but couldn’t decide. Doh. (I’m going to have to re-introduce the sweeps/escapes/submissions goals so I can remember what I know. Swiss-cheese brain…) Swept her a lot. Got to half-guard and kept going for Justin’s half-guard sweep, but again, still having trouble. I think I almost had her in something else toward the end, but don’t remember. Was moving pretty well, I thought.

Last round with the guy who acts like it’s always his first night. Determined again to go faster. He tried to pass my guard the same way the girl had; caught the triangle again. I’m a little wary of doing submissions on this guy; he doesn’t seem to tap when he should. I had him in a triangle a few weeks ago, and I know he wasn’t breathing, but he wouldn’t tap; I finally let him go that time. And I’d seen a bit of his last round when I was out; his elbow was hyperextended, but he didn’t tap. Tonight, I held it. If he wants to go to sleep, let him go to sleep. At least he’ll learn to tap. (*snort* See, having someone to compete with has already helped.:) He did finally tap. Decided for the rest of the round to get to mount and go for head-and-arm choke. Did get to mount (and had the armbar if I’d wanted it) but couldn’t find the choke. Wasn’t moving as well as I wanted, mostly because he just flops and sprawls out.

Class had actually run over at that point. Sat around and talked and stretched. Tim talked to the girl a bit, and that’s when she told us that she wants to fight and is from the school across town and was submitting all the guys she rolled with there. (She did say that they’re mostly high-school guys — and I’ve met a few of them back before Perry’s kickboxing tournament — and they’re not all that strong.)

So I’ve got a training partner and may get pulled in to work with her a lot in MMA and when she starts fight training.

Oh, and: Miguel Torres = wow. That was awesome.

Last update: Today was 8 months of BJJ. Still lurve.


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  1. […] at the last second. The other girl second. She was watching out for the triangle I caught her in last time, but I did mostly catch it once; she tried to roll out, so I ended with the triangle from on top. […]

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