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Back to class

on December 1, 2008

Goals tonight:

  • Move faster

Yeah, that’s it.

Largish class tonight, with everyone getting back from Thanksgiving. Also, since it’s nearing the end of the semester, some of the university students who come irregularly were here, probably because they didn’t have any work for tonight.

Warmup, I was trying for fast. If I’m going to speed up my game, I’ve got to start thinking faster from the moment I get on the mat. Although, I still did the forward rolls slowly, but I still got dizzy. Bleh.

Straight in to technique tonight. A continuation/variation of the D’Arce from last Monday. Tim and Adam were working this on Saturday.

Then rolling. Started with Scotty, who’s been out for several weeks with a torn bicep (muscle fibers, not a tendon or anything). He said it’s mostly better, but he couldn’t stand being off the mat any more, so he wore his belt and tucked that arm in so he wouldn’t use it. Of course, I couldn’t use that arm, either; I kept getting to positions, starting for something, and then realizing that I needed that arm. Rats. Tried to move, also without going for the arm.

Next guy was moving exactly how I need to — switching his hips a lot and just constantly moving his legs. I’m still stuck in using either my arms or my legs; using both at the same time, especially to do different things, is a struggle. I’ve been trying for weeks now to start using the upa again to escape mount; most of the guys either are too heavy, pin my arms as soon as they get to mount, or grab my arms which makes me have to defend. Realized he was doing none of those, so I started going for the upa and was actually getting it… and then he’d use the momentum I’d created and keep us rolling in the same direction. Doh. Eventually managed to get my base after one spin cycle. Wanted half-guard and/or north-south to try the D’Arce (and in north-south, to mix it up with the kimura), but couldn’t get him to hold still. He’s wiggly.

Newer guy next who’s recently started coming in for some nogi classes. He’s moving a lot better and isn’t sitting still with that look of “Oh, crap, now what do I do?” that he (and I) used to have. I told him this after we rolled, too. But still, I can easily outmuscle him: he had me in an americano — his two arms to my one — and I just straightened my arm and got out. I can’t do that with anyone else in class. It’s still a new experience for me, knowing that I can do whatever I want to someone if I just apply some muscle. So I worked very hard not to. I might have given up on some stuff because I was trying not to use muscle over technique. I mostly did sweeps and tried to move around. I did still want to work the half-guard chokes from today or the north-south D’Arce or kimura, but never got to the right positions. Hit a bump sweep at one point. Took a bit until he gave me the space to go for the armbar from mount , but I think I did it really well — swung up across his chest and really thought about getting my weight down on him, brought the arm in close (didn’t kimura-grip, though, oops), got my legs over (and they went nice and smooth, too), and started to sit back. He tried to escape, so I paused to clamp my heels down, and then sat back slow, finally raising my hips to finish.

Somehow we ended up with an odd number again, so Tim came out to roll with me. Just trying to move and get in close, but he pins me down so easily and doesn’t let me get position on him! I think I have something decently good, but he passes or spins out like it was nothing. Don’t know that I did all that well on that round. He didn’t say that I needed to be more aggressive, though, so perhaps I was doing better in that department.

I just remembered: Last Monday, I was having trouble with clinch work, especially when the guys got one hand clamped behind my neck and were pulling me down; I couldn’t get out. Tim showed me how to use the same-side hand to snap down on top of their elbow and then turn my shoulders over and pull back to break their grip. I was thinking on that later and realized that it would also work for when they do that to me in guard; I can’t posture up because they just pull my head down. Tonight I finally remembered this during class, and I was actually able to use it several times (and at least once on Tim) to free my head and posture up. Hurray!

Ack, more food — the Mexican restaurant next door was calling our name. Mostly because it was a break from turkey.

NaNoWriMo update:

I didn’t finish. Decided to spend time with my family on Friday and Saturday. I got to ~19,500 words by Sunday night. On the one hand, I’m disappointed in myself for not starting when I had the entire month of November to write. I could have written two novels, probably. But on the other hand, I wrote nearly 20,000 words on a single novel in one week. Not too shabby. And now I know that I not only can do that but also that I want to. I like writing. (Which completely explains my 1k+ blog posts every day!)

Didn’t blow up my tags & categories last week, but that’s still on the list…


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