Repeat after me:

Do not take dares on what you can eat. You are not a college-age male.

Oooo, my tummy. I ate waaay too much. There was a Fazoli’s feast after class tonight, and they dared me to eat an entire #6, which even Adam said he has a hard time finishing. What he didn’t tell me is that it’s not the volume of food as much as the spicy sausage. Mouth = on fire. I did finish it, finally, but oooo, I think I’m going to pay for that tomorrow…


  • pinch pass
  • sweep from knees; gi half-guard sweep from last week; two sweeps from class tonight
  • side control choke; head-and-arm choke; D’Arce
  • feeling out grips; playing with their gis and mine

Got to class very early; I usually do. Decided — because I’m crazy — to do the Randy Couture circuit. Got 3 rounds with the Oly bar. Long rests in between. Even that was terrible. The guys usually do 6 rounds, as fast as they can, with 2 or 3 guys alternating. And they’ve moved up to having weight on the bar.

Small class; five of us plus Adam and Justin. Two of the guys have started coming in the last month, so they’re very new. Warmup took me a few minutes to get past the Ohemgee, I just did 3 rounds with Randy stage. Body was not excited about having to move again. Adam was running it, and after a few down-the-mat drills, we circled up for jumping jacks, pushups, situps, and then planks.

Two rolls. Started with one of the new guys. Tried to work on initiating sweeps and not just reacting, but he wrapped me up and held me down for most of the round. Adam was on the sideline trying to walk me through what I should go for, and I was trying — and trying to really go for it and not give up — but of course the guy heard him, too, and was countering back hard. Next round, Justin was sitting out and doing the same thing. Got to position for his half-guard sweep; setup was good again, but again I couldn’t get the sweep back toward my shoulder; the guy kicked his legs out and flattened me. Kept trying for the gi belt half-guard sweep from a few weeks ago, but he was there that night, too, so he was flinging my arms off. Tried to switch to the nogi variation, shooting the belt hand around and through (goal, though, was to grab the opposite lapel on a gi), but he was pushing my hand away again.

Did grab for lapels a little in those two rounds, but again, mostly acting as if the gi wasn’t even there. Bah. Could have at least worked that. Justin pulled me aside after the second roll to point out some specific things I was screwing up. Ah, thanks!

Drilling next. Two sweeps from spider guard.

Partnered with two different guys, one on each sweep. The feet one, I was fine. Adam was mock-pouting because he has a hard time getting that one to work, and I got the hang of it fairly easily. (Of course, he has a much better chance of pulling it off live than I do.) I think part of the reason, though, is that Justin uses this one on me all the time, so I’ve seen it close up before.

The knee one, which is the variation Adam uses a lot, I just could not seem to get. I know I wasn’t quite tight enough or in the right positions, either, some of the time, and Adam and Justin kept helping me with it. But part of it, too, was that my partner that time was basing out with the arm I was stretching out and was sinking his weight back. Justin finally came up with a “how I like to do it” detail — grab the back side of their sleeve around on the seam and then stretch them out, which has the added benefit of getting that hand off the floor — that got my partner’s hand up and gave me some more leverage. Sweep was still ugly, though.

A few more rounds of rolling. Lots more why isn’t this working?! moments in the first round. I know I know what I’m doing, but it just never works. Wait, not never: it works on the blues & purples, but not the whites. Gah. But what am I doing wrong? Meh. (Did finally figure out why I couldn’t get the gi belt half-guard sweep to work — the guy had taken off his belt. Which would possibly explain why I couldn’t find it to grab.)

Second round, one of the guys had left, so we had to have two sitting out (Adam or Justin to watch and keep time, and one more). I pulled myself out since I was close to being grumpy. Adam was also out, and he motioned me over to sit with him. We talked a bit. He said that I need to start countering sooner, that I need to be faster; that, for example, if someone’s smashing through my guard to side control, I’m waiting until they’re all the way in side control before starting to counter. So while I’m working my side control escapes, I’m not working my guard recovery; I’m working some techniques, but not all. He said I’ve got the technique, but I need to start putting more muscle, more determination, more something behind it. (He also pointed out that Justin was currently smashing one of the guys who had smashed me earlier, and that that was precisely why he was.)

Last roll with Justin. I was trying to do what Adam had said and to move sooner. Failed miserably most of the time, though. Did finally remember that we’re rolling gi; got a few grips, but overall not much. Justin had several sweeps that somersaulted me; one, he stood, picked me up by my belt, flipped me completely over, and set me down in turtle. OMG what did you just do?!! (It was kind of fun, but really freaky at the same time. What was that?!) He just laughed and we kept going. He drops to his side a lot, so I was working toward the choke series from a while back; setup is similar to an armbar from mount, though without mount first in this case. Got to the side and started for it once; he turtled to get out, and my arms were already in place for the Peruvian necktie to armbar, so I went for it. Since I actually had been grabbing his gi, that far side was out, so grabbed over the arm and pulled the gi tight to help hold him for the armbar. Lost my base, though (read: fell backwards), and he rolled away from the armbar, but the gi I’d grabbed kept him close; my feet were on the wrong side, but he landed in position for an omoplata. Which he then pointed out and walked me through.

End of class was followed by the Fazoli’s fiasco. Repeat after me…. Food coma coming on shortly.

No more class until Saturday. And nothing but food in between… Uh-oh… I might need a bigger gi by next week…


3 thoughts on “Repeat after me:

  1. “I know I know what I’m doing, but it just never works. Wait, not never: it works on the blues & purples, but not the whites. Gah. But what am I doing wrong?”

    Sounds like it’s something mental. Although the whites just muscle out of everything, your body probably knows the actual techniques well enough; your brain is just second-guessing itself and is thinking too hard. The curse of the perfectionist. Reaching the point of instinct and flow rather than conscious choice takes a while—moments like that are definitely few and far between for me—but I think you have the determination to hang on until you reach it.

  2. I suppose the good news, if it’s something mental, is that it’s my own brain so I can work on fixing it. (The bad news, of course, is that it is my own brain, and it’s a complete mess!)

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