• standing guard pass; scissor sweep pass/knee-through pass/double-under pass; pinch pass
  • north/south roll escape; bridge side-control escape; gi belt half-guard sweep/Old School/Justin’s half-guard sweep; upa/knee-elbow/”scrape”
  • triangle/armbar/triangle; triangle; armbar; omoplata (w/ roll); D’Arce; Peruvian necktie to crucifix sweep to armbar or to armbar; head-and-arm choke
  • get to knee-on-belly

Adam and Justin want to roll gi for most of the winter, so I’m gonna start taking mine. At least I might get some work in after class. And I’m gonna need another one. 0:-)

Yay, the heat was on! Just a touch of cold. Small class, and several brand-new guys.

Warmup. I… gassed? Wha-? That’s bad. What’s up with that? Then we did hand fighting to double-unders, and I wasn’t doing so well on that, either. One guy had the top of my neck — just at the right spot for control — and was leaning on me and I couldn’t get out. I was trying, but nothing I did seemed to work. Tim came over and showed me what he wanted me to do; I still had trouble with that. Mostly, he said, I wasn’t being aggressive enough still. Next round, Tim jumped in with me so he could make me work on what he wanted. Still not doing so great.

Then a standing drill from the clinch (one of the things I was screwing up). More issues for me. My brain heard everything and understood everything. It just couldn’t get the right signals sent down to the appropriate body parts to do what was needed. Gah.

Drilled a D’Arce choke, starting from side control. This is the one Adam hits on me a lot. Had more troubles with sorting out which knee was which. And despite feeling as if I had it tight a few times, my partner just moved his arm out and I lost the choke.

Worked in with two other guys. And had my first “I’m sorry, my wife doesn’t want me to” tonight, too, from one of them. I said sure, no problem, I understood, so I took my turn with the other guy and then let them work together. I think if I hadn’t heard other girls post that they’ve been told that before that I probably wouldn’t have reacted so nonchalant about it.

Rolling next. Started with Justin, who was in gi tonight. Tried to roll as if he wasn’t (so no grabbing for me), and that was actually hard. He pulled butterfly guard and I tried to pass, only he stuffed it and wouldn’t let my leg over his knee; couldn’t figure out how to bypass that. At one point, I tried for the D’Arce choke we learned tonight, but his gi stuffed up the hole under his head — I probably didn’t have him turned up enough, either — and I couldn’t get it. (You could, especially since you’re already going to north/south first, decide between either the D’Arce or the north/south kimura. But I thought of that later.) The whole roll was mostly him sweeping me and then me trying to scramble back to some semblance of a position. Didn’t go so well overall. I was trying to remember to turn up the intensity a little, but it felt exactly the same. He did turtle once, and I went for the Peruvian necktie to crucifix sweep to armbar that I wanted to try, but I couldn’t get that first hook in start it. Went for the sweep to his back instead, and he spun out of that.

Sat out the next round because the only guy available was the one whose wife doesn’t want him rolling with girls. Instead watched Tim take apart a cocky wrestler who started a week or two ago. Tim hadn’t had a roll with him yet.

Last roll with one of the newer guys. Constantly reminding myself again to turn up the intensity. He pulled guard and did the one-hand grab behind the neck to hold me down. Tried doing what Tim had shown me earlier in the clinch, but he reached up with his other hand and jerked me down more. All I wanted was to posture up. Took a while — and him letting go of my head to grab an arm — but finally got up. He countered with the bump tackle (it starts like a bump sweep, but ends with a tackle). He got to mount, and I tried the three mount escapes I know while he tried to pry my arms off my chest. Eventually got one leg free and to half guard. Tried for the modified gi belt half-guard sweep, but he was trying to wrap my arms and head entirely up; if I moved an arm to try for anything, he grabbed it and pulled it back. He turned to push my half-guard off; I went for Justin’s half-guard sweep. Hit the setup perfectly, but then couldn’t get the sweep; I think I need to first pull him up on me more. He kind of exploded out of my grips and hooks, arms and legs going every way, and then we were in a scramble until the round ended.

The guy who couldn’t drill or roll with me apologized again after class. I repeated that it was fine. I just wish I’d thought fast enough to ask someone to switch so I could get another roll in. Meh.


5 thoughts on “Urgh

  1. None of the other married guys have said anything. I even rolled with one of them in front his wife and kids! And she was fine with it.

    I’m just glad I’ve been reading other girls’ blogs where they mentioned that, else I’d’ve probably sat there stunned or said something incredibly stupid. (I tend to do that.) But I just smiled and said it was fine. I’m completely and totally uninterested in any guy who’s married or even dating. Off limits. Do not want. But I guess wives/gfs have no way of knowing that.

    Now that I know, though, I’ll make sure not to work in with him again, and will make sure we both have someone else to roll with.

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