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I don’t weigh 200 lbs…

on November 20, 2008

Serious epiphany tonight. I don’t weigh 200 lbs. Yeah. This jiu-jitsu stuff, it’s deep…

Found out why the academy is so cold: there are three heat pumps (or, whatevers), but only 1 is working. That would do it. Perry’s got someone coming to look at them all tomorrow.


  • standing guard pass; scissor sweep pass/knee-through pass/double-under pass; pinch pass
  • north/south roll escape; bridge side-control escape; gi belt half-guard sweep/Old School/Justin’s half-guard sweep; upa/knee-elbow/”scrape”
  • triangle/armbar/triangle; triangle; armbar; omoplata (w/ roll); D’Arce; Peruvian necktie to crucifix sweep to armbar or to armbar; head-and-arm choke
  • get to knee-on-belly

Large class, and lots of guys coming in late. Mats were still cold, so a few of us were in gi pants and sweatshirts for warmup. Actually, I left my pants on the whole class, though I did have my shorts underneath in case I ever did warmup enough. Long warmup, then knee-on-belly drill. (I’d wanted to work on that anyway, so that was good.) Worked with Adam, which meant I got lots of help.

He pointed out almost immediately that I wasn’t putting my weight down on his belly but on my hands and posted foot. And when he pointed that out, my first thought was to say that I didn’t want to hurt him by putting all my weight down. And then I realized that 1) I weigh ~125 lbs and 2) I don’t know yet how to make that feel like 250 lbs. Oh. So I’m trying to be “careful” about using my weight, as if I were Nick or Tom, when I’m the littlest in the class. It was one of those “Well, duh” moments. The rest of the drill, I really worked to keep my weight on him.

Then we drilled a quick choke from side control, starting with a transition from knee-on-belly. Drilled with Adam and Nick, so lots of help. And more talk about using my weight, and the difference between how much I don’t weigh compared to them (Adam, 170lbs; Nick, ~220lbs). So, yeah, I’m not 200 lbs, but I have apparently been drilling and rolling as if I think I am, not wanting to put too much weight on my partners because I don’t want to hurt them. I am so silly.

Then some rolling. Started with Justin. And at some point, got to try an armbar from mount, and guess what he was pointing out? Didn’t have my weight on him. So had to stay there until he was satisfied that I had my weight right. (See, I seem to have ingrained this into myself. Now I’ve gotta reverse my thinking.) Got to sit back for the armbar, and remembered to grab around both his arms and to grab around his closest leg so he couldn’t roll out, which earned me a “Hey! Who taught you that?!” But grabbing for the leg threw off my arm grab and I was a little loose there, so he stopped afterward to go over keeping the arm tight. Did get to work the pinch pass a couple of times (once with help), the gi belt half-guard sweep (no muscling, whoot! though forgot to pass again, meh), bridge side-control escape, and the scissor sweep pass. One of my attempts at scissor sweep pass turned into a double-under pass when he started for something else. And after the first pinch pass, when I got to side control, he reminded me of the choke we’d just drilled, so worked that one on him. Tried for a head-and-arm choke when I first got to mount, but he had it defended.

At the end of the round, Tim called out for us to do 10 bump sweeps on each side with our partners. When I was going to my left side, Justin pointed out that I wasn’t getting my hips up as high or my arm chicken-winged in as tight; the real problem, he said, was that I wasn’t doing the right sound effects during the sweep. So I had to work on the right sound — a specific variation on swhoosh! which I cannot phonetically render at all — in addition to the sweep.

Another round, and I got paired with the guy who acts as if every day is his first day. (This is the same one I rolled with last week. He came to kickboxing some, too, when I was doing it, and it was the same there.) So I was trying to go easy and to find something to work on, but I was having a hard time. — I’m trying to understand him, and I’m trying to help, but I haven’t figured it out yet. I know there’s a lot to remember at class, and I know BJJ takes work and practice, but this guy really acts as if every class is his first day, as if he doesn’t know anything at all. Was I like this when I started? Am I like this now? I know that sometimes when I get very annoyed about something, it’s because I actually do it, too, and it’s a subconscious backlash against the fact that I don’t like it in myself. — I let him get to side control, and he just laid there. I finally reminded him that we’d just done a choke from this position, so of course he tried to move to knee-on-belly. I tried to just move easy the rest of the round.

Another partner drill before moving on, armbar from guard, 5 reps per side. So I do mine (geez, they need work), and then we switch places. And he says, “I don’t know how to do this.” I wanted to say that yes, he did, that I was in class when he learned it. I tried to walk him through one in hopes that he would remember, but he didn’t. Tim was walking by, so I told him that my partner didn’t know it, and he told the guy to do bump sweep instead. The drill we did at the end of the last round. That I know he did because I saw him do it. “I don’t know how to do that.” *facepalm*

One more round, with Clifton (he of the plain and striped arms).

More down the mat drills: singles, single with sprawl, bear crawls, and some others. Lots of moving; Tim wanted it fast.

So, lesson of the night: I’m not using my weight like I should and am actually purposely pulling my weight off because I don’t want to hurt people. *snort* As if I weigh enough to do any damage to these guys. Although, I might have started pulling back when I started making a conscious effort to not play the muscling guys’ game back at them, which I was doing for a bit; might have pulled back too much.


3 responses to “I don’t weigh 200 lbs…

  1. Elyse says:

    I like to wear a sweatshirt and sweatpants under my gi….
    Got called out the other day cause that looks nerdy and apparently “unprofessional”…

    “But I’m cold!”

  2. slideyfoot says:

    Yeah, I find in certain positions I don’t like to put my (very meagre) weight down, like today from north-south. Ended up using my arms when I should have been dropping my hips down, resulting in a crappy pin (not to mention my arms are weedy anyway).

  3. leslie says:

    @Elyse: I’m with you — I’d rather be warm. I don’t care what I look like!

    @slideyfoot: Ya know, that’s a good point: I might be losing positions and pressure because I don’t want to put my weight down on someone. I guess I keep thinking that I know how much pressure *they* put on *me* and that I would feel the same way on top of them… only I don’t. They hardly notice I’m there. =P

    So many things to work on, so few rolls each week…

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