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Winter is definitely here

on November 19, 2008

Another cold cold day. Ground was covered with snow this morning (only about a quarter of an inch, though), and it was flurrying again tonight.

Academy was still cold, even though Perry said he’d been there for nearly 3 hours before class with the heat on. 😮 It’s probably all the windows and the concrete floor; the school is in a strip mall, so the entire front of the building is windows, and we roll on the mat at the front, and there’s only a thin layer of carpet between the concrete and the mats.

We all sat around in our gis with our sweatshirts and socks on until right at class time. And some of the guys left them on through the warmup, too! Tim’s not joking about going to all gi all winter. (And I wouldn’t mind an excuse to get a few more gis!)


It’s sad: I have more time to come up with stuff on Tuesdays, and yet I forget to. So, short list tonight of what I could remember on the way to class.

Large class tonight; a few guys who’ve been out for a couple of weeks. (And Shawn! [Sean? Bah. Homonyms…] In a gi! First time I’ve seen him in a gi. He’s one of our blue belts.)

Warmup is slower now that it’s so cold. Still having trouble shrimping when my toes are frozen; can’t get a good push.

A few rolls. Started with the guy from Saturday who said he was tired. Ran through my short list to see if there was something I could work; except for grips/playing with the gi, there wasn’t anything I’d be able to try. So I mostly looked for grips and tried to defend being pulled around. He forced his legs through to a triangle, but then couldn’t decide between a triangle or armbar; he got my inside arm stretched out, but was trying to squeeze his legs in and extend them at the same time, and so he couldn’t finish either one. Eventually he gave up on the arm and pulled on my head to finish the triangle. Afterward, he said something about me defending well (I totally wasn’t; I couldn’t move); I said that he’d been trying to finish both a triangle and an armbar at the same time, so he needed to pick one.

Justin next. Bah, I feel so lost in gi. Did bait him to start in butterfly (ha!), and did get the pinch pass mostly right. Spent the rest of the round watching where and how he was grabbing — and getting swept — and occasionally managing to play with grips myself. He did stick himself in my half guard once so I could do the sweep from last week; I forgot to let go of his pants after pulling him forward and ended up muscling through a side roll. Yes, I muscled him, and I know it. Tsk, tsk. He does spider guard (I think that’s it: grab the sleeves, put feet on biceps?) a lot in gi, so I’m always getting to work out how to break it/pass it. Don’t got much yet…

Drilled a takedown to pass for when someone stands up to break your guard. Drilled with Nick, who was probably not the best choice size-wise since he’s so much bigger. Was okay, though, because he showed me lots of details. And if I can make the technique work on Nick, in theory it should work on anyone. Oh, and I said something about having trouble remembering to grab the gi since I’m so used to not grabbing anyone’s clothes, and he said he had the same problem over the summer, when he went and stayed with his brother and trained somewhere where they did gi every day. He said that it helps to just focus on playing with grips and pulling on the gi for a few rolls. (Sweet! That’s what I’m already going. So, more!)

Drilling took the rest of class, so I had to leave without any more rolls.

TKD, white belt stripe testing. Several of them got sent out of the test to get extra form work with me. I got them polished up and sent back in. Everyone passed.

Intermediate and advanced stripe testing on Thursday, then white belt testing on Friday night and intermediate/advanced, Saturday morning. And then, done with TKD…


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