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Cold toes!

on November 17, 2008

The heat wasn’t on in the academy when we got there, and the mats were freezing! The whole place was, actually; someone finally noticed that the heat wasn’t on and got it on. Didn’t do a whole lot for us, though. Tim was saying after class that we might have to switch to gi all winter, just because it’s so cold in there. (Not that I’d mind a bit, for either the warmth or the extra gi work!)


  • standing guard pass; scissor sweep pass/knee-through pass/double-under pass; pinch pass
  • north/south roll escape; bridge side-control escape; gi half-guard sweep/Old School/Justin half-guard sweep; upa/knee-elbow/”scrape”
  • triangle/armbar/triangle; triangle; armbar; omoplata (w/ roll); D’Arce; Peruvian necktie to crucifix sweep to armbar or to armbar; head-and-arm choke

The bold ones are the ones I really wanted to work in each set. Did get to try the pinch pass with Adam a few times; hit it right once, messed up the second, and he showed me what I’d done wrong. Never caught anyone in half guard, and only had a few seconds to attack Adam in turtle, so didn’t get to try either of those.

Class, medium size. This is the last week before Thanksgiving break for the students, so they probably have tests or stuff due. Actually only a few of the college students were there.

Warmup, nice and slow. Most of us were in hoodies, and some of the guys were even wearing their socks! Freezing. The worst was that my toes were cold. All the around the mat drills weren’t so bad, but shrimping was hard!

A few rounds to warmup. Started with one of the guys who holds me down. He got to side control early on and, as usual, I couldn’t even bridge. (Justin got there on me later, too, and he said I was bridging up rather than back, so that’s something to pay attention to.) Tim was walking around, though, and told the guy to ease back on the muscling, which he actually did for the rest of the round. And once he wasn’t just trying to hold me down, we got to move around a little bit. (Although, he was determined to get to mount from side control no matter if I had it well defended. A lot of the guys seem to be going for that recently. No lo comprendo.)

Justin next. I actually started on my knees because I wanted him to pull butterfly, except he wouldn’t do it. Contrary… Did see a few triangles, and remembered to send my hips up to get them, but he saw them coming and got away. Tried to switch to an armbar once but got stacked, and he had his back leg out so I couldn’t sweep him. He knows what I know, because he taught it to me. Got to mount once, though I don’t remember how, and he was defending with his arms in close instead of giving me an americano or armbar set up; tried first to set up the head-and-arm choke, but we worked that Saturday, so he was defending that, too. Did try for the armbar — remembered to grab both arms, too, and to pinch my heels down — but he stacked me again anyway, back leg back, of course, and then passed. I was staying in tight and actually moving around some, which was good, but it was mostly all a scramble, with him usually ending on top (knee-on-belly a lot, too). Sometimes when we scramble a lot, he’ll drop to turtle to let me attack, but I think he was remembering that Peruvian necktie from Saturday and didn’t want me to have another shot. =P I didn’t want that version, though, but the other one, and a whole different sequence, because I know he’s expecting the armbar there now. (I think it will work — Peruvian necktie #2 to crucifix sweep to armbar — but I need to try it on someone.)

Worked in with Buddy #1 and Nick for drilling. By the end of drilling, we were all cold again. Meh.

More rolling. A guy who rolls with me like Scott does, showing me things and fixing stuff. Did get the double-under pass on him, and he let me finish it rather than working the counter we’d just drilled. Also managed the scissor sweep pass once (completely botched it another time and got swept), though was trying to be careful because both of Brian’s knees and one ankle are messed up.

Then got to roll with Adam. He still caught me in lots of stuff, including a a head-and-arm choke and a D’Arce that I knew was coming as soon as I got in whatever position it was but still couldn’t get away from. But, I also got the most work on stuff with him. Started from knees so he’d pull butterfly, which he did, so worked the pinch pass. Actually got around the first time. Key, I think, was as I’d said earlier: not sliding down so far and then using the elbow/forearm to flatten the knee. Later we got back to there, and I wasn’t getting my elbow/forearm in before trying to slide my knee over, so couldn’t get it, and that’s what Adam pointed out was the reason. Scissor sweep pass in there sometime. Did get to side control a few times, though he was immediately out on all but one; got to mount on that one, but then he was out, too. He got to mount once, so I was trying the knee-elbow escape, which for some reason I have trouble with; he moved higher, and I switched to the back-door escape, which worked and got me a “nice!” comment. He was starting from his knees a lot, so I was working butterfly; missed an elevator sweep once when he posted, got it the second time, and even got the Paul Creighton sit-out from butterfly. Surprised even myself, though, and didn’t finish it; surprised Adam, too, and he said I’d done it well (well, the part that I did do, anyway). He did turtle right after that, pretending I’d finished the sit-out right, and I started for the Peruvian necktie to crucifix sweep to armbar that I wanted to try, but Tim stopped us to ask Adam a question. Hey now! I think when we restarted after that was the D’Arce I couldn’t evade.

Open mat after class, and a few of the guys had questions for Justin on his half-guard sweep, so we sat around and worked on that. He says there’s a counter to it, but he won’t show us that part. =P


2 responses to “Cold toes!

  1. Of all the students in my club, I have one of the heaviest gi tops; I sweat and grumble during the summer but then am warm during the winter. Can’t do anything about the toes, though if we sit in seiza long enough during demos they’ll go numb, which is sometimes nice. 😛

    The informal BJJ school nearby has started up again so I may start going (and will be able to picture the techniques you’re talking about). Not sure if I can afford to go to two schools at once, but I’d love to study traditional jujitsu and BJJ at the same time…I figure they will complement each other nicely.

  2. […] Justin did on me last week: Break the guard and go for the double-under pass. Their reaction is to make their hips heavy and try to sit up. So grab their belt wide on each side and then suck their hips up onto yours. Get […]

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