Back to MMA

Got back to MMA class tonight after a long break. Small class tonight because there was an away football game. (Which means it was on TV, and that everyone was probably partying to watch it. Lost, though. Ugh. Our offense can’t stay on the field for anything!)

Shadow boxing to warm up, then partnered up for the rest of class. Jab, then jab-cross drill, then a drill from kickboxing: jab, cross, slip, slip, body hook, head hook. (Tim is so funny. He’ll work some kickboxing drills with Perry and decide he likes every new one that Perry gives him, so then we’ll work them in class.) Then two clinch drills, one where you’re controlling their neck with one hand and punching with the other and the other where they’re throwing knees and you’re blocking with elbows and then doing a takedown.

Then we did 3 min 10 sec of blasts: 10 seconds of jab-cross, 10 seconds of up-downs. Fast as you can.

Finished it off with a line drill: jab-cross, then single-leg takedown on your partner. All the way down the mat, then your partner did it to you on the way back.

At least my time off from MMA wasn’t just time away from doing stand up, else I think I’d’ve been plastered by the end. Breathing hard and sweating, but not done in.

They ordered new sweatshirts and t-shirts for the academy, bright blue for Team Mannon (BJJ and MMA) and black for Team Gibson (kickboxing). Smallest size is a men’s Medium. Um, it’s a dress on me. 😮 I tried my sweatshirt on and came out to show them. ‘Tis funny.

Also, I was talking before class to Tim N., who I drilled with all night, and we got over to talking about what I do (technical writing) and where I work (still looking). He said he used to run a technical documentation business years ago, and that he still has some of his contacts from there who are usually looking for telecommuting technical writers. Whoot! (That would be so much awesome, because I’m not relocating just for a job. I have too much here: my family, my church, and my jiu-jitsu.) And he’d run across a job posting in the research park where I used to work that has an “Office Manager” or similar title but is actually a technical writing position. So I’ll look for that one tomorrow, and he’ll get me information for the other folks.

TKD: taught/reviewed with a white belt who’s been out with mono for a few weeks. The advanced & intermediate classes were sparring all together, so I left to watch the game. (But, sadness.)

And before I can get a shower, I need to go put my car in the garage. My brother was over when I got home from TKD and had blocked my side of the garage. Last time that happened, my mom backed in to my car the next morning and had to pay ~$1000 to fix my bumper. So, car goes in right now.

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