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Swiss Cheese and sissy girls

on November 12, 2008

My brain and my game: swiss cheese tonight. Forgot to look over anything before I went, and then blanked when I tried to remember at class. I did remember that I wanted to try the gi sweep from last night on Justin, though.

Small class again. Might be starting to get to that point in the semester when everything is due, so the college students are missing more classes.

Warmup was okay, but I was slowing down again at the end. Bleh. Must go faster. Then a few warmup rolls.

Justin first. I was so focused on trying to get to half-guard to work that sweep that I missed everything else. And never did get him in half-guard that round; he wasn’t holding still. Felt slow and unfocused the whole round; didn’t feel as if I was staying in tight at all, either.

Next the guy who flops on me and acts as if he’s never learned anything. And he flopped and acted as if he’s never learned anything. But, I had worked out a game plan for if/when I had to roll with him again, so I stuck with that: pull guard and go for scissor sweep. (I know he knows how to pass both of those. Not that he did either correctly, but he does know them.) If he did pass to side control from either guard or scissor sweep, I’d go right back to guard. For next time with him, I guess I can wait and see what he does from side control and find something there to work.

Justin again. (Small class, and most of the advanced guys hurt or sick, means few choices for me to roll with. Tim kept pointing us at each other.) Tried to work something, anything, but brain was stuck in wanting to try that half-guard sweep. Stayed tighter overall, I think, but still not a great round for thinking. Did catch half-guard right at the end of the round, but I was too excited and wizzered the wrong side. Doh.

One of the newer guys. — a long aside: I’m trying to figure out these newer guys. A lot of them come in and initially work really well with me, position and pressure, release and move to something else if I’m defending. And I’m working the same back on them. A few weeks will pass in which I won’t get in with them, and then we do end up back together and they’re smashing, ripping, and overpowering everything. Is it because they’ve been getting smashed by everyone else in the class, so they’ve learned to do that back and/or gotten tired of always being tapped and not getting taps? (Or is it still the “will not tap to a girl” mentality? But what’s the point of smashing the girl? You don’t get bonus points for beating up a girl half your size…) And then either don’t realize that they’re throwing me all over the place or do realize that they can get me to tap by throwing me all over the place? I’m just trying to figure out what’s going on in their heads… —

This guy is one of the ones who brought on that interjection. First two weeks, he was great to roll with; we could play. This last week, not so much. Anyway, he blew through to mount and tried to pull my arm for the americano; I had it in tight and defended and started trying to escape. He tried to switch to the armbar, only he tried to throw his legs first and then pull my arms in. I couldn’t get my arms away from his grip, so we stayed in some semblance of this position for most of the round, him trying to overpower my arms and neck with his legs and me trying to stay tight and work out. Eventually he got both arms and slammed back for the armbar, so I had to yell, “Tap.” (Was purposely loud since another guy last week claimed he hadn’t heard me say it. Half the class heard me this time.) Overstretched the scar tissue in my right elbow, so yeah, it hurt. And I get frustrated with myself when I get tapped through sheer muscle because I feel as if I should have been able to get out of it. So I guess I looked hurt/pissed off/something because the guy kept asking if I was alright. Round was over about 20 seconds later, though, so no chance do anything else.

I know these guys don’t really mean to hurt me and probably, if they knew they were hurting me, would stop. But the rounds where they hurt me in the middle — and I either have to verbally tap (at which point Tim, Justin, or Adam usually comes over to check on me) or have to stretch/massage the injured part to make it right again — the rest of the round they’ll hardly touch me, as if I’ll break. And I don’t want to be a sissy fragile girl. I just want to roll!

Justin again for the last round. He and Tim had been sitting out the previous round, and my roll had been right in front of them; Justin came out for me, and Tim went for my partner. Tried to work around to positions. This round, Justin was getting me to positions and then leaving submissions out there for me, so I did work a few more than usual. He walked me through a few and gave me tips on finishing them better. And on some, I’d go for the sub, he’d counter, and then he’d work me through the counter to the counter. He turtled at one point and grabbed my leg, then stopped to show me how to do the roll we’d drilled from there, and then how to finish the omoplata by getting your weight across their shoulders and hooking around the far arm with both of your arms. And, finally, I got him in my half-guard during this round and went for the correct side. The sweep does work from there, though underhooking the leg didn’t work well for me, maybe because I’m not tall enough or strong enough to do it like that; I did use the underhook there to pull him up higher on me, like Tim had showed me last night, but then pulled it out for the bridge. So excited that it worked, that I forgot to pass after, so Justin had to remind me.

See, brain is swiss cheese. Usually with 3 Justin rounds, I’d work a lot more and remember a lot more. But it’s all running out the holes. Did notice that I do not like being rolled over my neck or having to roll over my neck; I get close to panicking and just abandon whatever I had and pull out. Need to work on that. Just remembered, too, that I wanted to work the pinch pass; never saw his butterfly guard, though.


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