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No, seriously: shower. Now.

on November 12, 2008

Same guy, smelly again today. My drill partner again. Ack. Thankfully, could hold my breath better.

Another guy was also smelly. He usually doesn’t stink, but he did today, and I got to roll with him. Lovely.

Goals for the night:

I tried to come up with a similar set of passes, sweeps, escapes, and submissions to work tonight in gi class, but I realized that I don’t really know all that many things with the gi. We don’t get to do it nearly enough. So instead I decided to focus on finding and making grips and on pulling out their gi and my gi and wrapping it around. Did remember to try pulling out the other guys’ gis; forgot about my own. Doh.

Small class tonight. Perry’s judo guys weren’t here, and a lot of the advanced belts are sick or hurt.

Warmup was okay, but I still feel as if I can’t get my breath. Very annoying. Then a few warmup rolls.

I started with Tim. Remembered that I wanted to play with grips and get his gi out. Pfft, as if he gave me a chance to. At one point, I’d grabbed his lapel, and he did some fun spinny thing and got me in an armbar; he said I should’ve let go and pulled my arm out, but the way I’d grabbed it, I couldn’t get my hand back out.

Next was with Will, the new guy with some gi experience. We ended up in half-guard as usual and stayed there for most of the round. I did get his gi out at some point, but really couldn’t do much with it. Mostly focused on keeping my hands gripped on something, else he’d try to pull for an armbar or kimura. (Well, he pulled anyway, but couldn’t get it.) At some point he moved out of half-guard to work on getting an armbar; I still had a grip on his lapel, though, so he couldn’t get it all the way out, and that gave me some time to get my legs under me and stack and eventually pass. I got to side control, but he wrapped me up so I couldn’t do anything.

Drilled a half-guard sweep for when they flatten you out. (Yay! As soon as Tim showed the position, I was happy; I’m always getting stuck here and am not sure how to move.)

One more roll, with the other guy who hadn’t bathed or washed his clothes or something, and he’d forgotten his gi. So I couldn’t work my grips and playing like I wanted to. (Couldn’t let him wear my top because he’s much bigger than me.) He, however, was gripping my lapels and dragging me where ever he wanted to. Did catch a no-arm triangle at one point, but mostly worked on moving around.

Off to TKD after. Did get to teach some white belts who had missed a few days and were shaky on their form. Mostly sitting, though, while the instructors-in-training did most of the teaching. Two more weeks of TKD, and then testing. Then, if there are any more classes after Thanksgiving, then I don’t need to be there right when classes start, so I can stay and roll longer. Next semester, I can stay and roll and will probably go over to TKD one night a week or so.


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  2. steve says:

    Posts like this are awesome. I got to class one day and smelled something funky. I sniffed my sleeve… nope… april fresh. My shirt? Nope… smelled like friggin Downy. It was then that I realized that my belt was funky. And I mean… funky. Fortunately, febreze did the trick.

  3. leslie says:

    Oo, good idea: keep Febreeze stocked at the academy. Spray down any funky smelling guy when he enters. 😉

  4. steve says:

    Haha. That would be awesome. Combines the best of actually helping with the smell and embarrassing the crap out of them, hopefully so much that they’ll take the not so subtle hint. 🙂

    For me, I learned that day to never leave your belt wrapped around a sweaty gi over the weekend in a dark, warm laundry room.

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