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More Gi!

on November 4, 2008

I want to do more gi class. I know why we don’t, because most of the guys coming here want to fight so they want MMA. But still, I want more gi

I got to the academy early, and Justin and Buddy #2 were doing the Randy Couture circuit:

  • Bent-over rows
  • Upright rows
  • Military press (in front)
  • Good mornings
  • Split squats, each leg (I’ve seen it listed as lunges elsewhere. *shrug*)
  • Squat with push press (behind the neck)
  • Stiff-legged deadlift

Do each 8 times. They do it 6 times through. And they were using the Oly bar with 10s on each end.

When they finished, Justin said I should try it. So we took the weights off and I did it with just the bar. Whee! Only once through. I could probably make it through about 4 times if I were trying to, but not with extra weight.

Mini-goal for the night: the choke series from mount that we were working a few weeks ago (here and here).

A few new guys tonight, though at least one has done some BJJ before (already had a Koral gi; I rolled with him later, and he did more grip fighting than the white belts here, including me. I always forget somehow that I’m rolling gi. *le sigh* I wanna roll more gi…). Warmup dragged out a bit longer because they didn’t know some of the drills. Most of them were working over near me, so I’d try to give them tips.

Then rolling. Started with Adam. In either his side control or his guard all night. Did learn that triangles can fly in out of nowhere, so keep an eye out. He lets me work, but if I leave anything out there, he’ll catch it.

Then one of the judo guys, the least smashy one. Again in his side control or guard. I’d break his guard, he’d drop for the scissor sweep, so I’d drop for the scissor sweep pass; he’d look totally confused at that point, because he wasn’t in the class we did it in (he only comes to gi class anyway), so he’d pull guard again and/or try for a triangle. He was trying to sweep me at one point — I think I was sitting (not on knees while on knees) — and I actually had a decent base, so he picked me up by my lapels and set me down to the side on my back so he could take side control.

Then the new guy who’s done BJJ before. He was immediately grabbing for lapels and sleeves and pushing/pulling on the gi, so I figured he’d done this before. (I tend to roll gi as if it’s nogi; I always forget about grips and using the gi itself. Just isn’t natural. Something else to work on.) He was sweeping me a fair bit initially because of his grips, but he didn’t follow up with pressure so I could get back out. I caught him in half guard at one point when he tried to pass, and we stayed there for the rest of the round. I couldn’t get my hips out enough to try any sweeps, and he’d immediately go for my neck if I tried to make any space, so we were at a stalemate for a while.

Slightly annoyed about: guys who end up sitting during the warm up and during a round or two (I see them when I’m resetting) and are panting, sweating, wiped out, pretty much done for the night… so Tim pairs them with me, since they seem as if they’ll go easy — and suddenly they’re fresh as a daisy and full-speed again. Things that make me go Pffft.

I worked with a newer guy on the choke. We both tried to hold out as long as we could so the other could work all the steps, but it was hard if the lapel was in deep.

Then we drilled bump sweep, 10 reps per side per partner. New Adam (and a few others) hadn’t seen it before, so Justin & Adam demonstrated, and then I walked him through it while I did it on him for the first side and while he did it on me.

They were going to get in a few more rolls, but by then it was 8 p.m. and I had to pick my dad up from work. I have his car this week because mine’s in the shop after Mom backed in to it in the driveway… yeah. So no TKD either.

The girl at TKD who asked about BJJ was asking not for herself but for the guy she likes. He’s apparently interested in doing BJJ and/or a martial art, so she’s really trying to talk him in to joining the TKD club. (It’s probably good that it was for someone else. She might have surprised me, but….)


3 responses to “More Gi!

  1. I had the same issue when I first transitioned from mainly playing around no-gi with Tom to really training in gi at the Relson academy. Now my fingers are so sore all the time, and I have skin coming off the tips of my fingers– yet when I go back to no-gi, I feel like I’m slipping and sliding all over and have no control! So I think it’s great we are both learning them simultaneously; it’s probably a slower process but less stressful than getting thoroughly good at one only and trying to switch.

    And I know what you mean about the fresh-as-a-daisy guys!

  2. steve says:

    I’ve got a fever! And the only cure is MORE GI!

  3. […] round was with Will, the guy with previous experience from yesterday. He pulled me in to his guard early. I kept trying to break it, but he’d pull me down. And […]

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