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Better, after the fact

on October 29, 2008

I was grumpy at myself right after class, thinking that I hadn’t done what I wanted, that I hadn’t had good rolls, and that I’d stunk up the joint. But I started thinking about it again on the way home, and I realized that, though my drilling partner wasn’t great, Justin was helping us out a lot, so I at least knew how to do it right (and did do it 3 times in live rolling), and that I’d had 3 good rolls with Nick, Justin, and Scott. And that, though I’d looked at Justin blankly once during our roll and said I didn’t know what to do from there (to which he replied, “Yes, you do,” and pointed it out), I’d actually recognized the D’Arce choke going in a few times and defended it. And I got to roll with Scott, and he always cheers me up. So, looking back, I didn’t do as horribly as I felt that I was doing at the time.

Warmup, then hand fighting. Had TKD Mike and then Thomas. Thomas said afterward that he’d been having to do a full squat the entire time to get down to my level — hehe, the genius of short people! (Scott and Justin had helped me with dropping my level in any upright pummeling, so I’m really low now and am giving taller people fits. I love it.)

Monday night when I rolled with Justin, he’d get me in guard, I’d break it, he’d turn for the scissor sweep, he’d pause to let me consider my options, I’d pick the wrong thing, and he’d sweep me. Many, many, many times. I just couldn’t seem to pick the right thing to do. I’ve done it before, which is why he didn’t stop to show me, but I just couldn’t remember. So yesterday and today I worked on how to stop that sweep. Guess what we drilled today? How to stop that sweep. (I’m betting he said something to Tim.) Anyway, what I’d come up with went the opposite direction, so not sure how it might work.

We had an odd number and a couple of new guys, so we started with some groups of 3 and eventually got moved around. I started with Nick and Justin, but then a newer guy (who also comes to kickboxing classes) hadn’t joined a group at all and finally got put in with us, so then we split off into two groups; I got the new guy. (This guy… he might be a little slow up top. We all try to be nice to him and work with him, but he never seems to catch on to anything. Anyway…)

Then rolling. And I got the same new guy. When we sat down to roll, he said, “So what am I supposed to do? Knock you over?” … And he has rolled before. He was just dead weight on me the whole time. Couldn’t make much space to do anything. Did get around and to his back a couple of times, but then he’d just flop on the mat before I could get hooks in. That was exciting.

Then in with Nick. He let me work the pass once, and then tried to catch me in D’Arces. He gets easily to mount on me (his legs are looong so he just steps over), so I spent a lot of the round trying to get out.

Justin next. He was doing all sorts of sweeps and scrambles and not giving me much time to think about anything: I hope it’s a sign that I’m doing stuff right and better. He let me work the pass once, too; the second time I tried, he started defending back and we ended in a scramble. Got him turtled up once and then totally blanked on what to do next; he finally pointed out the sweep to the back. (Oh, right. That. I knew that. Geez.) Focused on getting to position and getting pressure down on him.

Then got the same new guy again… … and had pretty much the same results as last time. I think it was these rolls and drilling with this guy that made me think I was having a bad night.

Class was over then, but Scott wanted to roll. Yay! So we went for a bit. He put me in position for the pass and let me work it, and then put me in north/south to work an escape that he’d shown me. (I didn’t quite get the roll part off right — I went sideways, oops — but I did at least recognize that north/south was coming and got in position for the roll and was thinking about it. The sideways kind of worked, though [or Scott just let me out; I couldn’t tell].) Later we got in north/south again and he went for the kimura; I used the same defense I use on the rip-it guys, laying the top leg on my attacked arm. He switched to the armbar, which I was also defending; I finally got the hitchhiker escape, except I came back up between his legs instead of on the outside, and he caught the triangle for the finish.

I like rolling with Scott because afterwards he breaks down what I did well and what I need to work on. He said that the leg-up defense had frustrated him and that he couldn’t finish the kimura because of it, so he said to keep doing it. He said that overall I need to work on rolling like Justin does: stay in a little ball, stay tight, and stay clingy. I had just really noticed Justin rolling like that on Monday against Adam, who’s taller & weighs more; with me, he works his open guard and isn’t as tight. Scott said, too, that I was moving well and that he thinks I can take anyone in my experience bracket & weight class. Wohoo! (That made my night right there.)


4 responses to “Better, after the fact

  1. Thanks for the description of the scissor sweep counter; I think I need to bring it to someone who does scissors more often so I can see what you’re talking about. Rock on– your roll with Scott sounds fun! Keep on enjoying!

  2. leslie says:

    Scissor sweeps rock (or is that rock beats scissors? Hmm…) — you get most of their body weight out of the way, spin their legs over, and go to mount. I can get it on the big guys, too, which makes it even more fun.

  3. […] last. Sometimes remembered keeping grips again. He let me work the scissor sweep counter; coming around, I started reaching for his lapel again and then remembered to control the hips. Did […]

  4. […] lot (which for most guys is more lifting me straight up and flopping me over), so I was trying the scissor sweep counter and the half-guard sprawl pass from the other night, which my brain insisted was a scissor sweep […]

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