Gi class in a new gi

My new Koral gi, size A0, came today. I was nervous about the A0 size being too small, but it’s actually too big! The top is, anyway: arms in both sleeves and holding my arms out straight, the sleeves go from fingertip to fingertip. The pants are just right. I am apparently a lot smaller than I think I am! Next time I’ll probably have to take Georgette’s advice and get a kid’s size. 😮

I got blue, so I could be a Smurf 🙂 (I guess as the only female, that makes me Smurfette, huh?)

Doh, and after all my own fussing about not being able to find measurements on gis, I tossed it in the washer without measuring anything! Helpfulness fail.

(Why is it that you can remind yourself and remind yourself and remind yourself, and yet at the moment of doing what you’ve reminded yourself of, you forget?! Or is it only me?…)

Anyway, put the top through cold wash and high dry; shrunk a smidge. Put pants through cold wash and low dry (to be ready for class); shrunk more than a smidge. I can still do a split in these, and they move, but if they shrink much more… Hmm… Might have to buy a separate pair of A1 pants later, depending on how long the top holds out.

At class, the guys said it fit just right, so no more shrinking.

The gi is really soft; I like how it feels. The pants are a less sturdy fabric than the top, a little more floppy, and they fell and moved a lot as we worked tonight; the cuffs usually ended up around my knees. But overall, I like it.

Update 11/3/2008: Pictures!

And then there are just nights when I become a sissy girl. Gah, I hate these nights. Just go away, would ya? Not fun.

Warmup (new gi isn’t too warm to put on before class — and/or the school’s just freezing right now), then partnered up for armbar from guard. Odd number, so I worked in with Dmitri and Justin. Bad start: couldn’t get the spin, hardly at all. Justin tried to help me, but I was hopeless. We did this for most of class.

Then rolling. Yoshi, TKD Mike, new Adam, and Tim. I’m either being a wimp or my ribs are bruised somewhere; any pressure on my rib cage, especially on the low sides, hurt. And the first three guys were accidentally kneeing me there and getting on top a lot. Much pain, couldn’t breathe well, wanted to just curl up and cry. Ugh. And even though it’s gi night, everyone was working kimuras. Tapped early and often.

Then Tim called me over for another round. He asked me what was wrong, and I said that my ribs hurt, so he said we’d go easy. Heh. His “easy” is still my “warp speed.” But he didn’t hit my ribs or sit on me, which helped a lot.

TKD. More assistant instructoring. Also a lot of sitting and alternating between “My ribs hurt” and “My shoulders hurt” (now both. Boo.).

Battle, the guy I’d rolled with on Sunday (yes, that’s really his name), wants to roll again, so we’re going to drag mats out during the black belt class on Thursday. And one of the lower belt girls who was there on Sunday asked for info on the jiu-jitsu classes.


5 thoughts on “Gi class in a new gi

  1. Did you notice any color changes when you washed your gi? Some people swear by soaking in vinegar to set the color. I’m also curious how much it might bleed. I have held off getting a blue one because I get lazy when I do laundry. I wash my gis the minute I get home, as I have actually rolled with people I SWEAR smell like cat pee, so I am paranoid about being stinky myself (not that I have cats but you know what I mean.)

    It’s not just you– I just got a new gi and didn’t measure it either even though I specifically told myself numerous times to measure it before washing.

    I cracked a rib and tore some intracostal muscles and it took a good 2-2 1/2 months before the pain went away. Doesn’t help that I didn’t stop rolling.

  2. Seems to have been a bit of color change, but I actually wanted it to fade a bit; I like the worn-in look. Washed it with dark colors and didn’t notice any bleeding. (But then, I always wash gis with dark colors & cold water after my red TKD gi turned some of my t-shirts pink :K.)

    We also have guys who smell like cat pee! And one whose gi smells like wet dog…

    Pic coming as soon as I figure out which family member has the camera and can steal it back…

    And of course I can’t stop rolling. I’ll just fuss about hurting and hopefully start defending & escaping better to relieve the pain.

  3. I always stick with white gis, partly because I worry about colour running (its happened before, when I almost accidentally dyed one of my gis pink due to a red towel in the wash. I was tempted to leave it, but then I’m no Gene LeBell, so can’t really carry it off ;)).

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