Lots of squishering! And D’Arces…

Still trying to kick my brain in to jiu-jitsu gear by the time I get to class. I try watching videos online, listening to the FightWorks Podcast, and reviewing my notebook. Eh. Still flaky…

Perry was telling everyone about my “brawl” yesterday at the self-defense class. He told them that I just stayed patient and moving and finally swept & armbarred the guy. So funny.

It’s freezing here today, and the wind is blowing hard and making it worse. The academy was cold, too, so the warmup was a little longer and a little slower so we could get nice and loose.

Then we partnered up and drilled armbar from guard. Just back and forth with your partner. I had to teach my partner, who’s only been coming for about 2 weeks, how to do it first; he’d seen it a few times, but hadn’t had it really taught to him. After we’d done that for a while, we added the sweep (reach-through for their far leg and sweep over to the armbar with them on their back); really useful if they try to stack you. Justin has shown me this one before.

Then rolling for the rest of class: Tim, my drilling partner, Adam, and Justin, then sitting for the last round. With Tim, just moving and trying not to get stuck underneath him (he’s so heavy!), though I was on the bottom most of the time.

My drill partner had been going nice and easy during the drills, even the sweep, so I went in thinking he wasn’t going to throw me around. Wrong. I just reminded myself to breathe and move. He overpowered one arm for an Americano-ish (didn’t have good position or pressure, but got my arm twisted around enough). I couldn’t get anything and could hardly get off the bottom for the whole round. But when we finished, he sat up and said, “Wow, you’re a lot better than me!” Totally confused. Is he sure he just rolled with me? I felt owned the whole round. All I could do was shrug and say, “Well, I’ve been doing it a little longer.”

Then got Adam, and he wanted to work D’Arce chokes tonight. After he’d caught me in two of them (saw ’em coming, tried to get my head out, couldn’t), he said he was going for them. So I was trying to anticipate and defend them, and he was trying to get them from all angles. Holy. Cow. I tapped a lot. Oh wells.

Justin next. Anytime I’d go for an arm or a pass or anything, he’d say, “You’re not getting [whatever it was].” And I didn’t. Doh. Lots of moving. I didn’t even get many passes. Lots of catch-and-release on his part, which is what I was trying for. But I couldn’t catch anything, so there was nothing to release. So much for that….

We had an odd number, so I sat out the next round. Watched Justin and Adam go at it, Adam trying for D’Arce chokes again and Justin defending (and trying to sneak a few in on Adam, too). Was really watching to see how Justin rolls since he’s closest in size to me: very tight and twisted, from what I could tell.

Then sat around with Justin, Adam, Scotty, and Tim working on D’Arce chokes and variations since Adam wants to work on them.

I have until the end of the week, I think, to decide if I really want to do this kickboxing tournament. …I’m thinking that I don’t want to. Not really sure why. Just never been a huge fan of getting up to fight someone without some provocation, even at TKD. I don’t mind working drills, and I’d kind of like to continue working them, but I don’t really want to fight anyone. Sorrys…


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