Drawing a blank


Hyoooge class, mostly white belts. Quite a few who hadn’t been around for a few weeks. Warmup, then rolled a few times, drilled, rolled.

First round, ended up with the guy who was knocking me around at kickboxing on Saturday. He came to one BJJ class a few months ago and then decided to do kickboxing instead, but for some reason he was here tonight, and with only the top of his gi. Muscling the whole time. I gave up trying to do anything fairly early on and just defended; I found I was less likely to get kicked or kneed or jerked on if I didn’t try to move. That round couldn’t finish fast enough. Patience

Then rolled with Tom the chiropractor. He’s as big as Nick (so at least 1 ft. taller and ~100 lbs heavier than me). Hard to move. He goes very gently, though, and doesn’t use his weight nearly as much as he should; I think it’s all those years of being the doctor — he doesn’t want to hurt anyone. But no Position or Pressure from me.

Then we drilled a takedown-to-choke from the knees. I started out drilling with Tim N., who’s a lot bigger than me but who doesn’t smash me around. I work with him a lot for that reason; I’d rather work with someone who I can’t quite do a technique on but who won’t hurt me than work with someone I can do it on but who hurts me. Adam saw that I was having some trouble getting my arms completely wrapped up, so he switched me and Tim N. with another pair so I’d have someone closer to my size. (Not too much closer, though; the guy is still over 6 feet tall.) However, this guy goes 110% in drills and provides complete resistance to his partners; I’ve had to work with him before. So, the switch didn’t benefit me much. Patience

Two more rounds of rolling. First guy, I was actually getting to mount on him (Position) and had decent Pressure (he wasn’t getting out), so I wanted to work something. All I could think of, though, was armbar from mount. I know I know more than that — we did that whole choke series the last few weeks — but I blanked. Total complete nothing. I sat there too long, though, and he finally did sweep me. Got there a couple of times, and all I could come up with was the armbar, and I wasn’t trying just to submit him; I wanted to work. Argh.

Next guy. Again, could get Position and Pressure but couldn’t decide what to work after that. Did try the sweep from last night but didn’t do something right; not sure what. Let him work a few things, too. He’s still new, and still doesn’t try to muscle too much, and I realized that I really could take him any way I wanted to. At one point, he was trying knee-on-belly, which we’ve worked before; I grabbed one wrist and his posted leg and did a sit up. Didn’t push him, just held on to him, so the only strength was my own body doing the sit up. He just went right along for the ride. So I tried instead to think of things I want to work on, only I drew a blank again. (Well, besides the armbar from mount. That’s all my brain was running to.)

A whole night of remembering nothing. Bleh.


Again, working in new instructors to get the beginners used to having someone besides me up there. But I was an assistant instructor. Left after the second class.

Skipping BJJ tomorrow night. There’s a preacher who will be in town, and I want to go hear him. So I’ll roll again on Saturday… (that sounds so far away…).

And… I just ordered (like, 20 seconds ago) a Koral, A-0, blue, competition weight. *fingers crossed*


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