A minor (moral?) victory

Still no word on the job front. I’m starting to mention to people that I’m looking for a job, technical writing, and they say they’ll keep an ear out. Trying to get in a routine during the day, but my inner couch potato is really excited about this down time… 😮

Warmup: a little light. Not as many drills down the mat as usual, though we did more jumping jacks, pushups, etc. at the end. Two rounds of rolling. I grabbed Nick first, who always puts on a big show about me beating him up. He’s hard to sweep, though, because he’s so much bigger, and I wasn’t getting in good positions to leverage him. Was thinking of Position and Pressure, though.

Next round I got the guy who rips on my arms. I didn’t want to roll with him, but he pounced on me right after I finished with Nick; Tim was talking to someone and so couldn’t separate us (usually he would), and everyone else had partnered up quickly. So I was stuck. The voices were on my side for once: Position. Pressure. *breathe* Patience. Since I know this guy likes to knock me down and rip on my arms, I was actually trying to stay in his guard most of the time. He never does an actual sweep, only tries to muscle me over, so basically I worked on keeping my base. Somehow, though, he did get my back early on, had a fairly tight body triangle, and was working for RNC; I was doing the “Home Alone” defense (was doing it rather well, I thought, and was rather proud of myself). He started switching between body triangle and hooks while trying to move me around so he could get his hands through, but at one point he ended up crossing his feet. Saw it out of the corner of my eye and — ankle lock. (I don’t even know how I know that one. Maybe they were telling us what not to do one day and why.) He gator-rolled a few times, trying to loosen my legs, but finally had to tap.

We untangled and sat up, and he said, “What was that?” I said, “Don’t cross your feet there.” We started again, and I knew he would be trying extra hard for something, which he was. He finally held me in position long enough to get something approximating a triangle; had to tap to that. (I know that sounds either as if I’m being harsh on him or like sour grapes, but this guy really and truly works no technique. He knows what the finishing position on something is, and he tries to hold you down and get close enough so that by sheer strength he can make you me tap. The higher belts can escape; I can’t yet.) Then the round was over.

It’s not that I keep track of who I tap or who taps me; that’s just ridiculous. But I think I have an accountant voice in my head, too, who keeps tracks of certain streaks (e.g., how many times I’ve fallen asleep in a car (3)). That one tap was the first time I can remember that I’ve caught a muscling guy in anything during class. Sure, he screwed up, but I still saw it. It’s a minor (moral?) victory. It’s not necessarily that I don’t know what I’m doing; it’s just that I don’t often get a chance to do it.

Then we drilled a move for getting to their back when they’re trying to break your guard. More rolling after. Perry first. He’s hard to move. Then Buddy #1. (We have two guys named Buddy who come regularly, and two others (!) who come rarely.) He plays nice. With those two, I was trying to get to Positions, but wasn’t having much success.

Then Tim pointed Justin at me, so I got a round with him. He started a D’Arce at one point, but then stopped and showed me how to get out. I saw a way to sweep him when he turtled up; I tried it, but ended up on the bottom with him sitting on top of me. He just looked down at me and seemed to be thinking, “Well, that was a dumb idea. Now what are you gonna do?” (Well, he might not of been thinking that, but I sure was.) Took a few seconds to figure out how to leverage him back over. Was again trying to work for Position, which he does let me get to sometimes, and then Pressure, but I need a lot more work with my Pressure; after I’d get a position, thought I had good pressure, and started for something, Justin would slide right out. Doh.


4 thoughts on “A minor (moral?) victory

  1. I know what you mean (people who muscle technique). I have found myself in the fight of my life a few times over an overzealous guy trying to grab a limb and get a submission. The attempt is so unexpected that it is hard to recover.

    I would expect it in a tournament but not in a BJJ class. It is also irritating because as a relatively big guy I could muscle a lot of taps, but then why learn BJJ.

  2. I guess these guys didn’t get the memo about jiu-jitsu being “the gentle art” and enabling smaller people to overcome bigger people. They seem to think that it’s all about submissions. (Maybe it’s because their only exposure to BJJ before starting was UFC, so they think it’s supposed to be much more combat win-win-win oriented. I dunno…)

    Since you’re bigger than they are, I bet they figure that the *only* way to get you to tap is to put everything they’ve got into it. These same guys also go hard with our bigger guys (who are very gentle with me) and with our blue & purple belts; none of them like it, either. The bigger guys and advanced guys *want* to work technique and just play, but the musclers want to “win” every time.

    And then me, the one person they should obviously be able to work technique on, and they don’t do it. I’m a much littler female — they don’t need to muscle anything, yet they still do.

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