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BJJ & kickboxing: I’m tired!

on October 18, 2008

BJJ, this morning

Small class. Tony was back! He’s been out with an injured knee for a few months. He’s still taking it easy, but at least he was back. Warmup, then three rounds of hand fighting.

Drilled north/south kimura and then a transition from there to another kimura (reverse, maybe? or some kind of pinch? I dunno.) from there.

Then a few rolls. Brain is fried from kickboxing right now, so I’m not sure I remember everything I did… Had Mark “I thought he was blue”, Justin, Adam, and Scott. Actually did remember Position, Pressure, and Patience on all of them, though only pulled the first two off a couple of times. Landed in half guard a lot with Mark, but couldn’t sweep him from there. Justin was making me work; lots of sweeps and scrambling. With Adam, I need to remember that if he grabs anything, there’s probably a submission coming fast, so defend it — you think that he’s just grabbing a wrist to keep you from moving away, and then you’re tapping a split second later. Then Scott, and I know he told me something useful, but I can’t remember it right now… rats. I’ll have to try to remember that round and figure out what we were doing…. (Maybe we just drilled together? My brain is so fried….)

I’d wanted a round with Tony, but he paired with Scott for one more round. Then the only one left was the guy who likes to rip the north/south kimura and who injures me a lot — and since we’d just worked that technique, and he likes to do it, I figured it really wasn’t a good idea to roll with him since he’d be gunning for it. He asked me to, but I said I was done (so then I was done). He rolled with Mark, I think, instead.

Kickboxing, this afternoon

Tired! Oh goodness. And we’d gone out for lunch after BJJ; I didn’t eat much, but it was still sitting on my stomach at kickboxing. Bleh. I did purposely sit out part of the warmup, and the part I did do, I did at a slightly comfortable pace since I was still tired from the morning class.

After the warmup, a few drills and then sparring. I’d decided already that I was going to work on movement today, so the body-sparring rounds I just took it a bit easy. We do body sparring when we’re out on the mat and full-contact when we’re in the ring; I had 4 rounds in the ring — one with a guy who was punching & kicking too freaking hard (harder than even Perry hits me, and I sometimes see stars or limp afterward with Perry. I got very mad this round. Grr.), one with Perry, one with Gary the TKD instructor, and another with Perry. By the end of those, I could hardly breathe. Perry had me sit for three more rounds (well, actually, I went over and hit the heavy bag, so active rest), and then we finished up with some more drills and some conditioning.


3 responses to “BJJ & kickboxing: I’m tired!

  1. Anthony says:

    Nice work! Looks like you train a lot and have the time to do so. Keep it up.

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  3. […] got the kimura, couldn’t finish with his shoulders. (Gah, and Justin even mentioned the kimura off the kimura, and I totally forgot about it there. Bet that would’ve fixed his wagon…) Transitioned […]

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