Easy does it

Took time before class to review my notebook. And maybe yesterday I was freaking still about just submitting an application; today, much calmer. Whatever it was, I was much better at class tonight.

Gi/Beginners’ Class

Warmup was good. Then we partnered up for a knee-on-belly drill, just switching sides. I worked with new Adam, who didn’t know this. Tim came over and had us just doing it on the mat. When I’m doing it on a person, I always want to be nice because I know it hurts when someone does it for reals. (Tim demonstrated on me for new Adam. Wow.)

Then we rolled once. I got Justin, and we just went nice and easy. Not a lot of chance to work position on him. He was trying all sorts of crazy weaving with my gi. So I spent most of the roll trying to figure out what he was doing and trying not to get caught in anything; I think he was just playing and working on stuff, though.

Drilled a basic guard pass. One more roll before I had to leave, with one of the judo guys. (He also does the kickboxing class a lot, and I think the Krav Maga classes, too.) He moves a lot different than the jiu-jitsu guys. And though he hasn’t done BJJ that much, he’s controlled and wasn’t just throwing me around like some of the other judo guys do. Still, it felt a little odd because he didn’t always respond like the straight BJJ guys would, and I’d be left a bit confused. Could only sweep him a few times, though, and couldn’t keep positions for very long. I worked, too, on keeping the kind of pace I’d had with Justin.

Off to TKD. Someone else was actually teaching the beginners tonight. Instead, I tested two beginners would had missed last week (both were sick) for their white belts.

The head instructor talked to me more tonight. She’s putting Plan B in to motion, which involves talking to other people who are qualified to be the head instructor and to people who aren’t yet qualified (not black belts) but are very interested. It seems as if she’s also going to start working them in more as the main instructor for the night so they’ll have more experience. So that will be good for the club.

We’re also going to start having a black belt class on Thursday nights — and at an early time, too! (We’d tried to have it before at 11 pm… Attendance was always lacking…) It will be taught mainly by black belts who didn’t get their belt through the club, so we’ll see a lot of other styles. I may even teach a basic BJJ class. (Hey, that was how I got interested in BJJ.)


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