Gi/Beginners’ class

Scotty’s back! He’s a blue belt and has been off on an intership all summer. (He got to train a few times at Renzo’s, too.) He worked with me a lot before he left, and tonight was his first night back. So, yay! I didn’t get to roll with him, though, because everyone else wanted a “welcome back” roll.

Smaller class; only two newer guys, though. Waited until about time to start class to put my top on. Helped some, but then the warmup was a bit more than usual for gi night. Then a few rolls.

I got Tim first. I just try to move and not get stuck under him. He’s only ~180lbs right now, but he feels so much heavier! Still got stuck under him a lot, though. If he wants you there, that’s where you’re going. I ended up with a spider guard at one point. It didn’t last long, though I was playing with it.

Then I rolled with one of the new guys. I’m so bad with guessing weight on guys (well, and girls, too)… but I’ll guess 130. *shrug* He’s taller than me, and thin, and not used to muscling people around — which is good! I could actually work. I think it’s his third week. Made sure I could sweep him to whatever position I wanted to (although, I totally forgot about side control and north/south). Then went to mount and tried to work on the collar chokes from last week and armbar from mount. He was moving his hands and arms around quickly, though, so I couldn’t get much there. Later, when we drilled, I saw where I was losing pressure on him. He’s much skinnier than most of the guys, so I usually never have a problem staying in contact with them — they’re usually almost too big — but I had to really focus on getting my weight down on him, and I didn’t do so well at that.

Then we drilled a continuation in the chokes from mount that we started last week. Worked with the same guy I’d just rolled with, which is how I found my mistakes from earlier. (Though we didn’t work it tonight, I should have switched to S-guard because he had too much space on the far side. Anyway, on the list for next time…)

One more roll before I left, with Dmitri. Ended up in half-guard a lot when he’d try to pass. Worked on getting back to guard most of the time as I kept ending up under side control, though didn’t make it much.


We tested 32 people for their white belts tonight. (Might have had some out; didn’t see some faces I know). Yes, we actually make them test; it’s easy, though, and the time between the beginning of the semester and the white belt test gives people a chance to decide if they really want to start committing money to the club. Many comments were made about when I do this next semester… yeah… but there wasn’t time, again, to talk to the head instructor. Thursday, though, one of the other black belts is running classes, and hopefully she’ll be there so I can talk to her.

Someone at work stopped me today and said she’d been over at the shopping center yesterday where our school is. She saw us jogging around the mat and said it was easy to pick me out: tall, tall, tall, short!, tall, tall…


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