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The grandkids speech again

on October 5, 2008

I DVR’d the EliteXC fights because I was going to Adam’s fight, and I was watching them over dinner tonight. Mom came in right as Gina and Kelly were going at it. And she flipped out.

She begged me not to it. Said she didn’t want to see her little girl get hurt. Tried “it’s barbaric,” etc. When the girls pulled apart once, she saw the big cut over Kelly’s eye, and the level of hysteria increased. Grandkids were mentioned frequently. I admit to tuning her out and focusing on the fight until she gave up and left.

Ugh. I know it’s mostly that my mom doesn’t understand fighting and that she’s never done it. And part of my response comes from Adam’s fight last night; I’m still riding the effects of that, some of which have me eyeing a cage. (For the record, his mom was there and nervous and very glad when it was over and he was okay.) But it’s just very frustrating to have something I like to do and watch be something that my mom hates.

And to her, “fighting” also encompasses BJJ and kickboxing, not just the MMA fights she sees on TV. (Though for some reason, she leaves TKD out of it. Maybe because it’s a “traditional” martial art that she’s somewhat familiar with? Except it’s actually younger than BJJ… And I have had the most severe injury in my life at TKD, but she’s still fine with it. I don’t get it…) I try not tell her about any specifics that happen in class (especially any injuries) because she flips then, too.

She had said that she wants to come see my kickboxing tournament. Now I can’t let her. I don’t think seeing it up close is going to help. Most of what Gina and Kelly were doing, minus the knees and elbows and clinch, looks like what I’ll be doing at the tournament. I’m signed up for the full-contact division and will also probably enter the international rules (low kicks) division. My nose might even get busted and I might bleed.

She came in a minute ago and asked if there was anything she could do to make me stop. I said, “No, I’m sorry.” She’s upset now, and I hear her slamming things and crying.

What do you do when the things you love to do upset your own mom?

Today I discovered that we have a whole lot of gourmet chocolate in the house. 😮 I might not make 118 after all. 😉

Oh, and, I didn’t actually get to see “Kimbo” lose. The program cut off after 2 hours. Rats. Heard it was great, though.

My dad came home a little while ago. He said he found Mom crying hysterically in the bedroom, saying, “Where did I go wrong?! All I can see is a broken nose!” He just shook his head.


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