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"Be gentle, kind and beautiful, yet firm and strong, both mentally and physically." ~Sensei Keiko Fukuda

Last night

on October 3, 2008

MMA, last night

I watched again. They worked a takedown, so I really didn’t mind sitting. Justin called it “The Paul Creighton Special”, the same one Paul showed at Karate College.

Then they did a few rounds of blocking drills and a few rounds on the heavy bags. They were starting some conditioning when I left for TKD; looked like the end of a crazy BJJ warmup.

Talked to Perry some last night. He’d gotten the date for the tournament mixed up with a seminar that he’s going to (bringing in? Missed that part), so I actually have 2 extra weeks to get ready. Also, he said there’s already a girl signed up for full-contact at 120 lbs, so that’s 2 fewer pounds to cut.

I’m still stuck at 125. My brother thinks it’s because of the frozen chicken we buy; it has “chicken broth” added, and he thinks it’s adding too much sodium so I’m retaining water. Bleh. So for the next six weeks, it’s fresh meat and fish only. I’m also going to dig more in to the nutrition labels to see if there’s any more hidden sodium I’ve missed and to make sure I’ve got the right numbers on everything I’m tracking.

TKD, last night

The beginners are through Chong Ji and doing well. They’ll test next Tuesday for their white belts.

In the advanced class, the head instructor asked a couple of us black belts to join the class as “good examples.” !! I know the forms, I do, it’s just I get them confused sometimes. Oh, and we were going to do them in reverse order, which always messes with me. Thankfully, we first went through each step-by-step, so I got a refresher. Wasn’t really warmed up, though, especially my hips; stances were shallow and kicks were low.

Didn’t get a chance to talk to her about next year because she was constantly teaching last night. Ended up staying through the end, to 11 p.m., trying to talk to her. (Also stayed on Tuesday because one of the non-club black belts was teaching a kick techniques class and I wanted to see it.) Am sleepy.

Today is kickboxing. No BJJ tomorrow because Tim, Justin, and Adam are heading down for Adam’s weigh-in; he has his first MMA fight tomorrow night. He was supposed to have one in August, but there wasn’t an opponent at his weight. Kickboxing class tomorrow is an hour earlier so we can all shower (I hope) and then head down to watch.

At work today, we have a new coffee maker with lots of buttons and screens. Press “Coffee” and you’re given choices “Small,” “Medium”, “Large”, or “Expresso.” One button is labeled “Chocolate.” Sadly, it does not actually dispense chocolate. (I tried to tell the office manager that the machine was therefore broken, but I don’t think she was in a good mood and so didn’t agree.)

Another button is labeled “Well Being”. When you press the button, the next screen gives you the options “Small” or “Regular.” Hehe, a cup of Well Being to start the day…


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